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Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'll bring the waiter....and the pizza oven

Mr. T is an awesome cook and has offered to make pizza for our little outing tonight. Don't you just love his polka dot apron?

He cooks a delicious pizza with anchovies, or one with ricotta cheese and olives...or any kind you like.
We will bring homemade dough, and all the toppings - as well as a pizza chef to bake it in the traveling wood fired pizza oven.

See you soon....

oh yeah...the tidbit.

Well....I'm really shy. You'd never know it...but I am. You'll see....


  1. mim, i like that you are shy, because i know that also means you are sincere when you let someone in to be your friend

    knock, knock...

  2. I can be shy too.... but I still love food!

  3. Anchovies-my kind of guy!
    I don't think I'm shy, just cautious. Of course, that could be the same thing.

  4. Tell Mr. T to be careful of those apron ties near the pizza oven!

  5. Hi Mim...

    mm mm pizza. Im pretty shy when I dont know anyone then I become comfortable and Im good to go.

  6. nothing like a wood-fired oven, mim, for pizza and other baked goodies! :)