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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've moved in to Blogland Lane

After weeks of packing I've finally moved into my new home, 101 Blogland Lane. I plan to hold a house warming party soon. All my new neighbours will be invited! This seems a very friendly street. I think I've made the right decision. Moving house is a big step . . .
My name is Leigh and I'm an author. Cut Short is the first in my series of crime thrillers. It was published two months ago and, thanks to great reviews and word of mouth recommendation, my publisher has already had to reprint!

I've been touring the country, giving talks in libraries, signing in bookshops, and have been interviewed by several newspapers and three BBC Radio stations. It's been a very exciting summer. You can read more about it on

Today's been a big day for me. First I sent the manuscript of my next book to my publisher. Then I moved in here - to my purple house on Blogland Lane. Tomorrow I'll be sitting up in my new study, looking through the branches of a tree out of the window on the top floor right, thinking about the third book in my new series. I'll probably visit the local bookshop to check they have Cut Short in stock in case the neighbours want to buy one. Or they can always find it on amazon.
Now I've moved in, I feel ready to party . . . except I'm too tired . . . I hope I can find my toothbrush in all those packing cases . . .


  1. Welcome, Leigh...I'm at Lot 268, down on the Ocean side. I haven't built my house yet; I am presently living on a sloop.

    It's very nice to meet a writer/detective. There isn't any crime here; but I'll bet you can solve a puzzle or two!

    Congratulations on your reprint!

  2. Hi Marion. I hope you're comfortable in your sloop. Feel free to call in for a coffee - when I can find my kettle! I'm not the most organised of people at the best of times, and everything's still packed. But I do have my computer to hand!

  3. leigh, i've just finished a summer of three book signings and have a reading scheduled ahead. i've had several reviews and promotion is in my own hands. i had no idea writing and publishing a book would be so much fun.

    anyway, i digress. really i want to say hello and welcome. you will like it here. neighbors are moving in and getting settled. enjoy knocking on some doors and/or madly waving out your front door. you can scroll down the side bar for previous posts about whose house is where, and middle has done us a fine directory, also on the sidebar.

    :) & xo

  4. Hello and welcome Leigh! Congrats on your book - will look out for it! Sounds like an exciting and busy summer.

  5. Such a friendly neighbourhood! Thanks, everyone. I feel at home already and am looking forward to visiting you all.

  6. Hello Leigh, here I am, your next door neighbor from the Netherlands er...Blogland Lane 100, the gift shop. My, how exciting, another author in the Lane. Here you are, a bouquet of pink roses for your study to welcome you here. There is always fresh applepie waiting for you next door :-)

  7. I'm going to find it very difficult to leave Blogland Lane. So far this summer I've visited dozens of bookshops and BBC Radio studios around the country - I've even signed airside at three airports. Still lots to do, including appearances at two literary festivals and a visit to BBC Broadcasting House in London - but flowers and fresh apple pie - how will I ever drag myself away from here? Suddenly my summer doesn't sound so exciting after all. Maybe I'll just settle down in my purple house and enjoy meeting my neighbours.

  8. Nollyposh, kj and Caroline - I haven't replied to your kind welcome messages yet. Sorry. I was distracted by the lovely smell of apple pie wafting in from next door . . . I'll find you all on the directory as soon as I can - expect a ring on your doorbell soon as I visit your blogs to say thank you and hello. Now I'm off to give a talk at another library, then it's off to Oxford Circus tomorrow for a Curzon group lunch followed by a meeting with my local bookshop manager (I sign there every month). On Saturday I'm signing in Oxford and on Sunday I'm off to my daughter's for tea. More about that later as I have a plan . . . ! So I'm not fudging when I say I'm a little busy right now. But I will visit you all soon. I can't wait.

  9. Hi
    Im Sonia #4 Blog Lane.
    Welcome..sorry been MIA. Not in a mystery way. Am going to see about reading this book of yours. A very big fan of british mystery writers and stories....

    Welcome to the neighborhood.

  10. Welcome! I don't know where I've been this week but I've missed a lot of interesting people!

    I'm Debra Kay at #13. I've tried to lay low since the polka dots escaped. It's funny, I kept thinking of that great escape on Blogland and checking my new boas-worried that fantasy might become reality I guess.

    I've been fascinated by crime/mystery for some time, but a little afraid of opening my head up to that-how do you separate your work from your life, (if you don't mind my asking).

  11. Honestly, Debra, I've never killed anyone! That aspect of my writing is a complete leap of imagination. My killers intrigue me - why would anyone actually kill another person? As for separating writing (I can't think of it as work, it's too much fun!) I find I can switch in and out of my fictitious world quite easily. I can only compare it to reading, or watching a film. You enter that other world in your imagination, but when you need to, you can step back out of it again, into the 'real' world - like Blogland Lane!

  12. Hi Sonia - good to meet you. Drop by any time.

  13. Welcome aboard Leigh. I am in such creative company, I hope the 'juices' start flowing soon!

  14. Hi Baino, I'm sure they will. Good to meet you. I visited your blog - you're definitely fabulous - but what's wrong with us old boilers?