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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our First Art Exchange Showing-Artist Stash Project 1

The rules were few and simple-we drew names and sent the person whose name we got some of our many bits and pieces we had stashed around the house.  The person who received the box would then create something using all or some of the bits.

My box came from Lolo (and I wish I had remembered to take a picture of it.  I know Lo, and I've followed her art, so I know her art.  I wanted to create something that was reminiscent of her, and without copying her style-which would be futile-she's incomparable!

I wanted to pay homage to her bag lady series-so I tried to think of something that was like a paper bag, but wasn't.  Now that is harder than it sounds-I came up with "Cardboard Box" tab.

She also sent some ATC-s so I wanted to do a 'series' because I've been playing in digital mediums with the same image several ways.  It's harder in 3-D.
Then I said pooh, I wanna do a paper bag.  This is my test bag where I played with different pens and stuff to see how they would react to the paper bag.The dog tag is all Lolo-I just put it on the bag and added some stuff she sent.  The only thing that I added to this one was the vinyl for the snake.  This was all accomplished this morning.  I've been playing with ideas, of course they all went out the door when I sat down, but what fun I had!  I hope we can do this again, because it was really as stretch for me to move out of my digital world and I enjoyed it very much.

Here  we have what Anne Jeffries created from KJ's stashbox.  She couldn't be with us today but sent this to me to put up.  Isn't it lovely?  I see bits of both people in this-I love it!


  1. Debra, these are simply amazing! Oh! What wonders you've created with a few simple pieces. I can only imagine what fun you must have had and so wish I could have joined in. My favourite is the first one.

    The Canadian horses did it, lol!

  2. We are definitely going to do this again and I will stretch out the timing so that everyone, world over, can play along.

    I'll start a sign up today-but we won't start mailing our stuff out till after the holidays. In fact, I'm thinking of doing a post holiday theme this time.

  3. Interesting experiment. Were there more than 2 particiants?? I guess ea person will post their own photos. glad you got a nudge to move away from the digital world. Creating in this way is so soothing and therapeutic, at least for me. Sometimes i get machined out and need to make things by hand. Maybe I can be in the next swap.

  4. Except most of my stuff in packed away. Hmmm.

  5. I can't believe I lost power when I wrote my looooong comment!!!

    Okay, so what I said is you've outdone yourself Deb! I know you were excited to get textured papers and now I see why. You did an outstanding job with the few things I sent.
    The doggy tag was made by a friend of mine in Pacific Grove. It was hanging in my studio which is why it's so faded. The sun was strong there! I knew you'd do it proud :)
    I love the ravens...nice, personal touch!

    Annie's piece is wonderful too!! What fun to see what we all come up with. Thanks for including me!


  6. holy moley batman!!!

    debra kay, it was fun all by itself just to think of you holding and moving lolo's stash around, letting pieces settle on the bag and cardboard. everything came out great!! i'm excited to see you do more of this. you are an artist and i think alot of us here in blogland and on our lane don't know that well enough.

    and i cannot believe what anne did with the stickers etc i sent her. i would call this 'simple with wallop!' she made something very very sweet here.

    yes, this is quite fun. let's do it again, even me. xoxo

  7. Wowsa!

    Those bags are pretty cool. Love the 'doggy' words and the cactus series. That snake is designer fabulous!

    Can't wait to do this again. Great fun.
    Thanks for taking the lead and pulling us all along, Debra.

  8. Annie,

    The framed piece is 'hang up' spectacular. I love those colors.

  9. What a fine time I had looking at all the creations and reading the inspirations. I so missed not being here today and am grateful to deb for posting my picture.

    KJ thank you again so much for all the goodies. I've had this frame for a while now and I knew it was meant not for a photo but a dimensional something that would compliment the blond wood. I loved the plastic bits and pieces. They felt so good in my hand, not cold at all. The coils of colors reminded me of some shells I have and there you have it, an instant marriage of objects that makes up something I just love. Thanks so much.

  10. P.S. - Deb - I especially like the birds on the cactus ATC you made. I'm a sucker for birds.

    Thanks Linda. It was great fun matching just the right stickers and pieces together. I had a LOT to choose from. :-)