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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Art Stash Project


Wow!  You should have seen me opening the box from Debra Kay.  So many neat, pretty things and a few zingers too.

It was so much fun pulling all the goodies out of the box.  It really felt like Christmas.  Take a look.

There were so many gorgeous stickers, some fabric, a little lettering kit, a small scrapbook and magnets.  Then....washcloths, clothespins and rubbler gloves!!!!  I'm using the coaster - which is fabulous by the way.  Right up my alley out west with the Gila Monster. 

Oh my gosh...what to do.  Well, the idea I had was to do two things.  One would be for my granddaughter, Hannah.   I'll get to the second one below.

The first thing I did was to make a pouch for the scrapbook out of the material with the yellow flowers.  That way, Hannah could store the things she wants to put in the scrapbook until she is ready with her ideas.  Its kind of like an old fashioned hankerchief sachet.

Then it was time to play with that cute notepaper and stickers.  I used one of the notecards to place a picture of Hannah (she looks like this by the way) in the window and add some decoration to the front and back.

Another card and some pretty notecard paper was used to make a framed picture on the inside.  There were so many lovely papers, Debra, it wasn't hard to do!  You were so generous with supplies. 

There were plenty of sweet flower stickers to put on every page with enough room left over for her to place a photo and write a little something if she chooses.

I sent this off to her in the Christmas packages with a little note to check the blog after the Holidays.  It will be fun for her to see what the grannies are up to!

Now as for the second piece of 'art', it is more like street art.  It is situational and has a title.  My friends voted on the title and you can see what won!

Listen Honey.   I AM THE TROPHY!

l think this was great fun and we really need to do it again. 

Three cheers for Debra Kay!


  1. aaaw, linda....

    it's a good thing debra kay got your name and not mine because you put everything to amazing use.

    first, hannah's pouch. that little circular clasp is priceless.

    then, the scrapebook. it is so damn sweet! what little girl would not love that from her grandmother?

    and last, your street art--HAHAHAHEEHEE. the rings are the best! i am chuckling right now, can you hear me heeheehee?

    very very impressive. ms debra kay knew what she was doing and so did you. now what about those clothespns? a village of dieters perhaps?


  2. I love what you did with the goodies and Hannah will too!

    I'm very impressed that you did something with the gloves-I was trying to send some things that were really out there-and you nailed it!

  3. Wow, what an eclectic bunch of stuff. You can see the love you have for your shows in your work! You've got some impressive talent, Linda...way to go!

  4. So sweet...How wonderful..and very cool ideas.


  5. That little pouch, just by itself, is outstanding. Making it for the cute little note book was inspired. Your granddaughter will adore it. Way to go.

  6. What a wonderful idea, I will keep this in mind... Those rubber gloves with golden rings! And that pouch! Good job, Linda.

  7. I don't know how I missed out on all the fun but everyones project looks great, and what a surprise it must have been to get everything.

  8. Oh my goodness, I need a Do Over!!!! Everyone is so creative, I'm just blown away!

    Wonderful array of stuff Linda. I'm sure Hannah will be over the moon!

    I'm not going to ask what the gloves will be used for ;)

  9. Ladies!

    Thank you all so much for you kind comments. I had a ball. Maybe I'll get a picture of Hannah and the scrapbook.

    I've had 6 Bocce games in the last 7 days, a tournament, and haven't done so well. I'm having the time of my life though, so who cares. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed everyone's great art.