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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moon's dad's locality

Neighbors!! How are you!? I'm from #602 who always pokes you to come to his nest to join tea party! Remember now? Haha...! Guys... Today I want to share some snaps of a recent tour I had...

Last Tuesday... We (friends) had a short trip to one of our friend's village home. The name of the village is "Chader Baper para". It means "Moon's dad's locality". That village is located at a place named "Chokoria". It's an Upzilla of "Cox's Bazar". If you haven't heard about Cox's Bazar, I would like to request to you to Google it! Well... the trip was well 'unplanned'!! Nagib (we went to his village home) offered us the trip just 10 hours before we get started. We planned to return home on the same day... But "unfortunately" we couldn't. His dad insisted us to stay there for at least one full day. We couldn't disagree anymore. That's how "unfortunately" we became "fortunate". It was fullmoon at the night. I have never seen the moon at this beauty! I don't have words to describe it. Neither had a good camera to capture... But had eyes to see the sight. It was... AMAZINGLY beautiful!

This post is more like a post to be shared in a personal blog. I'm publishing it here cause I want to share the moments with you guys!!!! Here are some ugly (my cell camera sucks a big big big time!) snaps of those beautiful moments:

[At the 1st floor of their farm house. This house is made of mud and wood... Two storied mud-made house is very rare one here!!] [I was kind of stopping their stick fighting... LOL] [I have water phobia... But I couldn't resist any more when 3 of my friends got down into the pond... Look how that friend of mine was calling me... and also look how confused I was!!]["All your eyes can see around 360 degree is ours".... Yes Nagib is allowed to say this. We were on the way to "Mohua Garden"][This is "Mohua". One sort of liquid is obtained from this thing which is very tasty... Sadly... we couldn't taste it][My friend Emon... Now that's a POSE too!!][Night shots... We were gossiping beside a huge pond. Got bored of gossiping once. That boredom resulted into Gothic photography!]

I would love to learn about the trips you guys had recently... Anyone interested to share? I guess there has to be tea when you tell a long story... Why don't you come at my place and share your moments...! I will take care of the tea!! :)

Have a good day guys!


  1. What evocative images. Thank you for posting them here.

  2. I love the night picture and 'Gothic Photography' and the name 'Moon Dad'. You look like you are having the best time!
    What sort of liquid does the Mohua plant provide? It looks heavy. Does it have a scent?
    It was such fun seeing all these images. Thank you for sharing.
    What kind of tea are you serving?

  3. I'm interested in the Mohua plant, too! What great photos...they project such happy feelings. The one in the field is my glows!

  4. hey! it's nice to see you back again! i totally enjoy these pictures and following you and your friends along. i love what i learn from you about your life and your country.


  5. I spent some time on the East Coat in October-Boston and Provincetown. I've posted a few pictures on my other blog and will post more as time allows.

    Any time I can be near the ocean is a good time, and I had great friends with me as well-it was fabulous and I hope to do it again soon!

  6. @Leigh Russell: My pleasure! :)

    @Linda: I heard from a guy there that Mohua provides a sweet juice-type liquid. He said it's very tasty when you drink it fresh. But if you drink it after keeping it for 2/3 days then it will make some alcoholic effect. I don't know about the scent. But I guess it should have!
    Any type of tea you want... I like ginger tea a lot! Thanks!!

    @Marion: Shared already!!! :)) Thanks... Walking on that field was an awesome experience. It's not that easy. I fell down once!

    @KJ: Thanks dear!!! I will be sharing more :)

    @Debra: I would like to see them. Help me with the address :)
    I love ocean too... It's even more heavenly to be there with friends! I have just come from a nearby beach... My friends paid me a birthday love-treat there... :)

  7. What interesting images!! I'm still wondering where this is! Have I missed something?

  8. @Caroline: Thanks... These are the images of a small village of Bangladesh.

  9. I'm so late catching up Ryadh but they're great photos. I'm not sure I'd have got into that muddy water either! I like to see the bottom! Great idea to do some travelly pics so I may well do it this weekend. I'm not a crafty person and after seeing all the Arstash stuff, I'm a little intimidated so a travel post it may be. Great photos!

  10. OH I meant to say, I saw an interview with Mohammud Yunus yesterday. A fellow Bangladeshi and total inspiration.