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Friday, December 4, 2009

Art Box Exchange Gallery Opening Tomorrow

The gallery will open tomorrow at Noon CST to share your work.  I suggest you give it a few hours if you want to see the entire gallery-or just come back often as people share their work.  

I will start a post.  If you are participant, you can go in and edit the post and add your own work-or if you want, e-mail the jpeg to me and I'll add it for you.

Don't be shy about posting up what you've created-the point was to take something someone else was drawn to and transform it, as well as just to share with other people on the blog.  This is a total no pressure exercise!


  1. How exciting! Can't wait to see what each of you have created...this is just the best idea, Debra! Thank you!

  2. Yay. Mine is finished. I better take a picture so I can get it posted. OMG, Don decorated for Christmas. Now I have to FIND it!! Yikes.

  3. Oh jeez

    I haven' t started...

    Oh jeez, me, the writer

    well time will tell. :)

  4. OK, took a picture of the 'ingredients' box and the finished product.

    This was really fun. Great idea!

  5. Already?????????

    I've barely gone through the box!

    Okay, I can do this.

    Hey, lots of stuff by the way!