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Friday, December 4, 2009


Poetry from 53A

POEM - Hommage to Giacomo Leopardi


Lonely heartache, no trace
Tomorrow erases and renews
Sadness passes away
Life lived aware
passes away.
Evidence erased, bits of sand
In time's history.
Eagerly looking forward
Holiday time now over
For yesterday.


  1. This is very sad. I wish I could cheer you up somehow, Annie dear. You are going through some hard times. blessings and a prayer to Guadalupe.

  2. Annie,
    so sorry that this speaks to you right now...I know that the holidays are tough sometimes...especially for artists...
    Take Care of YOU!
    Sending you smiles.

  3. all i can do is remind you how kind and smart and good you are. you deserve only people in your inner world that know that.

    the holidays are sad or at least a mixed bag for most people. if you can help it, don't let imagined festivities add to the confusion. and annie, there might be some wonderous moments that sneak up on you. it never hurts to be on the lookout....


  4. I liked this a lot, great poem, so sad. Sometimes I wonder if us, humans, are destined to live our lives longing for the past.

  5. Before enlightenment;
    Chop wood, carry water

    After enlightenment;
    Chop wood, carry water

    It is the same world Annie, you are the one who paints your picture. Sadness is. Happiness is. Both are choices, no matter what the world throws at you. When I was in a dark place, someone took my hand and told me to get up off my knees and hold my head up so that the sun could find my face. It is a hard thing to do.

    I wish you the peace of loving kindness and hope you will see my latest post and let the sound wash over you. From my heart, I wish you peace.

  6. For me, sadness is oh so bittersweet, because it usually comes with memories that were good. Bad memory sadness I can just shrug off with an it's over, but when you are sad BECAUSE it's over, well, that's a tough one. The best I can do at that point is just be glad it happened in the first place.