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Friday, December 11, 2009

For Art Opening at Bliss Gallery

Earlier this year I got the glimmer of an idea to start making non-traditional Holy cards. Somehow, I got diverted after putting a few ideas together (something that happens easily to me) but now that I have them all together again in one place I'm thinking this might be fun to start working on again. These are by no means finished works; they are ideas in progress. I'd love to have feedback and input on this idea.


  1. I love this idea My favorites are the first, last and the mushroom. I love religious iconry (which is apparently not a word but I think it should be) .

    My week hasn't slowed down yet, it's 5:30, I'm going to an early AM Christmas Breakfast and I need to decide what to bring and go get the stuff to make it.

  2. Annie, these are lovely. Can't wait to see the finished ones. I like # 3 best. Thansk for coming tonight. xoxo

  3. i love this idea too. i wasn't able to enlarge them so i couldn't read each one, and i want to.

    i really like your design and layout. i also like the combination of religion and nature as the images you've chosen. i think you should do these, annie!! i hope you do.

  4. I hope you do something with these, Annie. They really deserve to be out and about. I love number two and the mushroom...really great photography!

  5. Thanks to all. I wish I could make them go big but I made them too small to start out with and now I have to re-invent them (which is sort of on the drawing board anyway).

  6. Annie,

    I think these are wonderfully comforting. I can't tell you how many 'saint' cards I've stored from all the funerals I've attended. I never look at them again.

    But I would use these as bookmarks in my library and smile when I looked on the back to see who I was spending time with today! Maybe even whisper a little 'hello'.

    What a beautiful way of keeping a memory alive!