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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Artist Stash Post from Lolo

I could never in a million years make a DENT in the pile-o-goods Annie sent me!

There must be a million papers and bits and scraps of everything in that box! Not only that she sent 2 lovely matted photographs she had taken as well as sending 2 books. One of them is an all time favorite of mine which I have 2 copies of already..."Art and Fear." A must have for every creative type! I'll pass this copy on to Debra Kay, idea Queen for this challenge ;)

This is just a small collage done with part of a vintage photograph Annie sent. I loved the stationary she wrote on so I used it for my background. This young womans face resonated with me as well as the number 8 that shows slightly behind her. That's my birth month as well as a very powerful number. I then tore part of a napkin for the trees and buildings and a sliver of a red and gold shimmery napkin to edge her in more. The stamps are from my stash because they looked so good with her! And then I looked for a phrase that would tie it all together. I finished it off by feeling this young woman was talking about 'home' so I cut a small piece of crossword squares to write her destination on.

This was fun! I managed to do this while waiting for my Amy's Organic spinach and cheese pizza to cook ;P

Thank you Annie for the millions of goodies, and thanks Deb for arranging a fun event!


  1. I feel nostalgia when I look at your superbly creative collage. Is she looking towards the future or to the past? There'd be a super story behind this...the whole collage has so many hints in it! I love it.

    Thanks to all for giving me such an inspirational morning!

  2. Thanks marion!

    I think she's gone back home but I'm not sure if it's only for a short time or permanently.

    We'll have to let her figure it out ;)

  3. lo, there is a sadness in this for me. i don't know if it's her expression or the mood you've created though your colors and words, but something feels detached, uncertain.

    you did this while heating up pizza? girl, you are TOO much. everytime you show up on blogland lane your art lights up the place!


  4. I totally get the home vibe-and you want to know something even MORE woo woo? I was using my father's scanner and he came down and showed me a couple of photos he'd scanned of himself-and one where he'd cut himself out like we did Mim-THIS is an 83 year old man who doesn't DO art. I asked for and he gave me the cut out Daddy and I'm going to do a special collage for him.

    I'm going to go down tomorrow and show him what we all did with our stuff-he seemed very interested.

  5. There is something so incredibly evocative about the color. Like a dream coming into focus.

    She has a story to tell. Wonder if she will reveal a secret...?

    I want to walk into that picture and know what she knows!

  6. Hi Lolo, Just love the way all the colors you chose so softly blend together. And "Art and Fear" will find a home and make a happy landing with Debra. Cool!!

  7. What Linda says! Very creative job!