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Friday, December 11, 2009

Bliss Gallery Friday Night Show

Welcome everyone to the second Bliss Gallery opening. Since I showed you some of my paintings last time, I thought I would show you some of my ceramic work, made with porcelain mix and porcelain clay. I have ornaments, pendants, wall hangings and mugs. If you would care to see more or (gasp) buy something please go to my ESTY site at:
There are more details there. Happy Holidays everyone! XOXO


  1. annie, these are wonderful. i have two of them--a gift from you during one of the nicest mornings i've had recently, we two chatting over coffee--and they are precious. i'm on my way to see your etsy shop.

    and already the art opening is a success. fantastic. thanks so much for making it happen. your bliss gallery is a treasure on blogland lane!


  2. Thank you Kj :-). I am not sure why the text for this post is so weird, but I can't fix it, Gotta love Blogger :-). So happy we had a good showing. xoxo

  3. "Love Your Life" is becoming my new motto. Six months to retirement and the world will be completely my oyster. That ceramic hanging says it all. Beautiful work, Annie.

  4. Oh. P.S. I've had that weird letter spacing happen to me too. I just keep hitting the return until the verbiage is all below the picture. That does the trick (for me) every time.

  5. Annie, I had fully intended to enter a photo collage I wanted to do, but time and Christmas parties etc. got in the way. But really, the showing was an amazing is truly wonderful that there are so many very, very talented people congregating here in one spot!

    I love your work. I've checked out your etsy site and wish I had seen it before I finished buying presents. But there'll be birthdays, etc. In particular, your ceramic work shines for me!

  6. Annie-Thank you :-). I tried hitting the return and in my post it is well below the photo, but when I publish it goes wookey :-).
    Marion-Thank you so much, and yes remember me when you have a gift to buy :-), I have new things added all the time too.

  7. I want to do something in 3-D. I'm working up to it....LOL. Your work is awesome!

  8. Wow!

    You are a talented lady, Annie. It always amazes me when an artist can fabricate something from concept to a piece that exists in space. And I'm envious too!

    It's a great show.