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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Generous Dollop of Joy and Love

With Christmas music playing softly from the radio in the background, I embarked on a baking frenzy the other day.

Debra Kay's party was coming up...and Christmas is just around the corner...there was no time left for fancy folderol.

And so I thought, since Christmas would not be Christmas without something from my kitchen, Chocolate truffles, along with Caramel and Snow popcorn would be quick and easy.

Huh.  Easy maybe, but there is no such thing as quick, once one begins in the kitchen.  There are myriad decisions to make...and decisions at this time of year make my head hurt. Should I add nuts to the truffles, will I add dried cranberries to the fudge, how much popcorn should I pop?

But with the old favourite Christmas carols swirling through my head, once I began collecting ingredients the baking became joyful, instead of a chore.

And everyone knows when baking is done with love and joy, the end result will always be good. It makes no never-mind what the ingredients are...the infusion of love, with the addition of joy, is all that is required.

Similarly, when a dish is brought to a party with those lovely feelings of bonhomie, very rarely do they fail.

I bring Snow Popcorn and Hazelnut truffles to you, Debra Kay, with the greatest of joy! I'm looking forward to tasting all the goodies everyone else has made with such love. And thank you for throwing such a great party!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Oh my, I really want to dig into that popcorn!!!

    Is today the party?

    I really have to start paying more attention.

  2. Popcorn! Just in time for my movie!
    What a great kitchen.

  3. A kitchen with a notebook on the sink. Thát is modern times :-) I never eat popcorn, but after your pictures I will consider it again.

  4. Lolo,

    Thank you for remembering! For a minute or two, I thought I was the only one at this party, lol!


    Thank you! And I'm positive the Snow popcorn would have made any movie better!


    The Snow popcorn is made with white chocolate and is completely addictive. I don't generally eat popcorn either, but I must say I've had my share of this recipe!

    I haven't always had my laptop in the kitchen, and don't really know how I've managed without it all these years. I can convert recipes very quickly...or even find a recipe just by entering one ingredient. It's great!

  5. I love popcorn and all the variations of popcorn-what a wonderful food!