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Thursday, December 24, 2009

In a perfect world . . well this is a perfect world is it not? I begin again. In a perfect world I am young and slim with a man by my side who respects me more than adores me. In a perfect world, my son has matching socks and keeps his room tidy. In a perfect world, the only thing that kills us is tiredness and a willingness to join the cosmos. In a perfect world we argue and discuss but never seek retribution or revenge or award our sister the 'silent treatment'. In a perfect world, I can walk into a phone box and transport myself into any state, age or nation. In a perfect world, food just appears as in Narnia and there are no messy kitchens or dishes to wash. Trees and flowers grow replenished by the sun and evening rain. Lovers fall in love before they have sex, nobody gains weight because cheap food is healthy, water tastes like anything you want it to, illness squeals in frustration at it's inability to take hold. Seas don't rise and ice flows don't melt and politicians have the people's interests at heart. In a perfect world we don't argue about money or loss or relationships or hardship. In a perfect world, Christmas is for children and warm and welcoming and fun and joyous. For one day this year, I'm going to pretend that it is perfect.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone. Be kind to each other today and every day. Think of those less fortunate and remember those long gone. Hold those you love close and I wish you peace and good fortune in the coming year.

I watch but have been slack in contributing but then . . the real world isn't quite as perfect as we would like . Thank God for this little refuge where all is simply tickety boo!


  1. I'm going to pretend the world is just as perfect as you describe...just for one day, as well. This is a really great post, Baino...I'm looking forward to more.

    "illness squeals in frustration at it's inability to take hold."...I love this sentence. I want to hear a lot of squealing going on inside myself today.

  2. I love your 'tickety boo' world, and I want to live there too.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. " I can walk into a phone box and transport myself into any state, age or nation"

    Sounds like a Dr. Who Christmas! May you be free of Daleks for the New Year!

  4. my dearest honey hells, i've delayed leaving a comment on this because i want to savor every sentence, every sentiment. i read this at first without knowing who wrote it, and when i saw your name, i can't describe the warmth i felt. you are a very very special woman. i love you. so there.

    as for your writing ability, which is considerable, my comments will come after the cakes are frosted and the presents wrapped.

  5. Hugs. That's all, just a big hug from me and 7 frosted dogs.