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Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Snowed in Oklahoma

My ellie rises from the snowbank-spreading her light to the world!  I was kind of disappointed with my first ever effort at a light display (other than tacking lights along a fence post).  I shrugged it off and left it up and vowed to improve next year.  Then the blizzard came along and transformed my meager efforts into something more, and reminded me that any effort at all is better than not trying.

Shine on with all your lights.


  1. Too true. Just think, if you had not put up the ellie, we would not have this spotlighted bit of playfulness to enjoy. You have the beginnings of a circus and I bet we will see more next year.

  2. she is beautiful!

    debra kay, you are so wise and so right on!

    love love

  3. I really was overcome a bit last night when I walked out expecting to shoot icicles and I got a glimpse of this little girl rising up with her ball, ready to play.

    She's my own little Rudolph.

  4. So funny. I'm surprised her lights didn't get soggy! Hope you had a brilliant Christmas.

  5. How lovely! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!