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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Debra Kay's Art Scrap Project: 'Follow the Path'

Maybe it you click on this and blow it up, ) more detail will emerge...
then again, maybe not. :)
I started with a large sheet of green floral paper, a half dozen square paper and foil patterns, an over-sized pink flower, several glimmering rock formations from Arizona, a piece of green packaging string, a rubber leaf stamp and a gold stamp pad. I wrote "follow" and "follow the path' in a few places with a gold glitter pen. All of these materials came to me from Linda, who at the time I did not know. I added an ATC of Mim's Ms. Em, a Mandala from Marianne, a clay rabbit that may or may not be Emily, a safe clay fortress built by 6 year old hopeful hands.
I am not a visual artist. I paint watercolors perhaps once a year, I am only now learning to draw and sketch. I don't know what made me volunteer for Debra Kay's and Blogland Lane's first Art Scrap Project. Thank God I have a good sense of humor and most days an ego that doesn't mind sticking its neck out for a fun time or good cause!
. on my dining room table is a finished piece (heehee) entitled 'Follow the Path.' In truth it's a lot like the way I want and tend to live: I twist and turn, prefer circles to sharp edges every time, I like the occasions when there are steps I can follow, and don't mind meandering on winding unknown roads. I like shiny things, I like shrines, and I appreciate my friends.
One last point: about this woman 'Linda', who it turns out is a dear neighbor here on Blogland Lane and a wonderful visitor to many of our blogs. In short order she has found her way into my blog and affection. She is kind & thoughtful, and wise. It seems she is reading my posts from start to finish and THAT is going to an eye-opener for her, I'm sure. She'll probably end up knowing more than a therapist about me!
Thank you, Linda. Thank you, Debra Kay. Okay, I'd do it again. It was fun.


  1. You know you're killin' me right now, right?

    Iiiiiiiiiiiiii know!

    I like your path. It's very Feng Shui because there are no sharp angles ;)


  2. please be advised ms. kj does not understand the above comment made by ms. studio lolo in that the source of killin' her is unclear. additional information is hereby requested.

  3. It's funny that you say you are not a visual artist! The path seems so very like who you are. And I think it is Emily...who else would it be? Now a safe fortress built by those small seeking hands...that cracked a bit of my heart.

    I really like it and I hope you will give it the honour it deserves. Good going, kj!

  4. Oohhhh, I like this a lot. I'm almost encouraged to try something in 3 dimensions. My heart is pounding just thinking of it.

    I'm so glad all our paths have crossed, and hope they continue to cross again and again and again.

  5. This is such a great collage! Its a super job kj....because this is a 'movable feast'. All the things that say something really nice about you....awwww....can be moved around by Mr. Ryan and Mr. Drew. I bet they will have something to say and add. Its a kj gameboard!

    OMG...are we going to have a Blogland lovefest!!! You are all fab! Why else would anyone want to spend time here!?

    kj,....I'm thinking 'This Is Your Life' in a few weeks......

    Here it is in one sentence. I am crazy about kj because she is crazy about Stella. There is more, but that says it all.

  6. My compliments, KJ. It has become a beautiful piece of art. Good job!

  7. Following the sparkling path, kj. It looks like it is all laid out and just waiting for you to step forward. I hope you frame this pretty piece. What a great non-verbal reminder of your direction.

  8. What I meant was you're killin' me with your talent that just oozes out of every pore of your being.

    Did I clear that up?

    I do love this. I love the impermanance of it.
    Like the monks and their sand paintings.

    Very Zen Ms. KJ. (Oh Enlightened one.)