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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Slip 'n Slide

Following from kj's playground . . I think we should have one of these . .

No not for us. We sit in deck chairs sipping our chilled drink of choice and mark the toy boys out of 10!


  1. I'll be back in a moment - just gone to fetch a large jug of Pimms. You're welcome to share. I'll bring some glasses. Let's enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. But of course, the sun almost always shines in Blogland Lane, doesn't it? Just enough rain to make the trees and flowers flourish.

  2. But this could be so much fun after a few pops!


  3. LOL...after a few pops is right we could have a blast..maybe a grass burn the next day but hey...

  4. Great idea!
    I'll go and fetch my swimming trunks.

  5. now baino, what about toy girls? equal opportunity, you know...

    even rembrandt would agree with that...


  6. This looks like huge fun and I will definitely be joining you on the deckchairs for Pimms!