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Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Vocation

In the past two weeks, I have replaced an old windshield (windscreen) wiper, replaced a car battery, and diagnosed and replaced a bad fuse. Therefore, I am going to consider myself a fully qualified car repair person/thing-y.

Being unemployed and needing to do these things for oneself can be quite gratifying. The doing-it-oneself part, not the being-unemployed part. Given unlimited funds and leisure time, I would learn mechanical repair, as I love to make things go right.

I have a warped brake rotor on the front end of the car (it's apparently been spending time with my sense of humor (humour), but it may be more than I can manage on my own. It is not unsafe, only annoying, so until the cash for two new rotors falls into my lap from somewhere, I will deal with it.

Meanwhile, I can add minor car repair to my resume (CV), as well as translation skills from American to English!


  1. Congrats on getting more skillful! And I admire your enthusiasm in making everything go right! If I need any help regarding my car repair issue I'm sure going to take your assistance!
    Best of Luck!

  2. you know, middle, you could probably work as a customer service rep or auto parts clerk if you want an interim career!

    it's always a good feeling to accomplish something concrete, don't you think? i feel that way with my yard and garden. but my car? i can barely fill the gas tank, let alone replace a wiper!


  3. Oh well done. I consider myself pretty resourceful but steer clear of car repairs. It's as much as I can do to water the battery and put air in the tyres. I might have to bring the old Honda round for a tune up!

  4. Oh No!
    The dreaded car repair!
    I am fairly handy/resourceful too,,,but certainly not in the automotive dept.
    I am able to check the oil however; impressive, isn't it?

  5. I've worked with people who worked on cars-I can't really say I did more than fetch tools and tighten a few bolts. I just realized I've never even had the hood up on my new (couple of months old) car-it could be powered by seven hamsters for all I know.

    I did loan Daddy my battery jumper thing last week. It's a neat little box you charge up and it will turn over a dead battery-it's good for one start and then you have to charge it again. It makes me feel remarkably self sufficient.

    I also have a small sander, a cordless drill, a jigsaw and a nail gun. I'm not so very handy as I am lazy and lacking in upper body strength.

  6. Wow, it sounds as if you are very handy! Can you fix sloops as well? That would be great, since there are some problems with that old boat we need to fix.

  7. Wow, amazing.
    My cars are doing OK just now, but I'll pop round should I have any trouble.

  8. I know where to find you, girl :-)