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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Some of you may not have yet heard ,
but there's a brand new addition to the lane.
Come enjoy our Yoga Studio!
Of course our classes are always free, and our doors are open 24/7.
All of the sessions are beginner level, and are so stress free
that we don't even have instructors!
Or classes.
Come as you are, meditate, practice your moves,
and leave each session completely relaxed,
restored, rejuvenated, and in perfect shape.
Sit on your mat, breathe deeply,think pretty thoughts.
In this photo I captured Mim and Middle attempting one
of the more advanced moves:
The Extreme Toe Lifts.
They did an excellent job in performing this strenuous exercise,
but then they should, as they've been doing this a long time.
Please do not attempt this un-supervised,
or without a good warm-up first.
If you need help getting started, I'm sure either of these very experienced ladies will be happy to show you the ropes.
Before long, you too will be able to do these lifts.
Oh, and I might mention:
The rabbit in the corner is just resting.
She tried this exercise all on her own, and on a belly full of
 black jelly beans.
Not advised.


  1. rabbit in the corner?


    ms. babs, who is that rabbit? i have to know.

    sincerely yours,

    emily rabbit

  2. babs, a yoga studio!!!

    your painting of mim and middle is absolutely divine. i totally adore it. and to think they have both bmastered the extreme toe lifts--unbelievable. i know mim is in better shape than me, i don't know about middle (yet).

    i have to tell you babs the talent on blogland lane blows me away. and i really really like this series of women. they are my favorites of all your work.

    p.s. did i forget to tell you i am laughing my head off? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

  3. I love it I need stretching!!!!

  4. Oh yes, a yoga studio! Breath in and slowly out. I am a Pilates addict but a bit of yoga now and then is very good. I have just tried the extreme toelifts and I am feeling much better already. Can I come back tomorrow to try the extreme right elbow lift?

  5. I've never tried yoga before, but it sounds like a great thing for me to relax some.

  6. Not sure I could manage the yoga. Black jelly beans . . . mmm . . . (sorry!)

  7. I do a variation of the toe lift as well. When I'm alone I like to lay on my back, lift my knees for a nice flat back and then lift, lift, lift. Careful breathing is also involved so that toes and lungs are in sync.

  8. I'm so glad there is a yoga studio! And such a welcoming one, as well! The ladies have excellent posture and I can't wait to learn more yoga from their expertise.

  9. Oh yes, I need a major Yoga tune-up!

    I don't see the rabbit.

    Emily, are you there???????