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Monday, September 7, 2009

The Magic Land - Blogland Lane

I don't write poems or anything like that... But the community of Blogland Lane did make me write something close to that... It's kind of funny I guess... I don't know how it sounds.... LOL... But I definitely hope my sweet neighbours will enjoy it.... :)

The Magic Land - Blogland Lane

All that glitters are not gold
When I was a child... This is what I was told

Never been so bold to unfold what I was told
When I came to know this beautiful land, my thought got a new mold

That's how the old belief came to an end
Because of this magic which suddenly happened

This is a mystery land I'm talking about
You get all things possible here, no doubt

We have magical people live around here
You will see us smiling with joyful tear!

Amazing places, magnificent shores
Sunny sky with little rain drops
Land of gold with countless crops
Isn't it the best of all stops?

It is our sweet home Blogland Lane
We all are attached here like a chain

I'm putting a new thing on your brain
Here you can gain whatever you like without any pain!

You just make a wish, we will make it true
You get it all here, no need of 'to and fro'!

It's about believing that you CAN
Whatever you wish becomes true in Blogland Lane!

Don't forget to visit me at #602! I'm looking for tea partners as usual... :) Have a nice day buddies... Cheers!


  1. What a lovely play with words there. And you capture the magic of our new community perfectly. Nice to meet you, neighbour.

  2. riyadh, it's about ABBUNDANCE. i think/hope we may learn we can have abundance in our lives both on and away from blogland lane.

    your poem is super!! i hope you will write more. "never been so bold to unfold what i was told"--that is one great line, riyadh!

    as for tea, i will try to drop by on sunday afternoons, after i've read the sunday paper and puttered in my yard. :)

  3. @Leigh Russell: Thanks bro. Nice meeting you too. Hope to see you around!

    @KJ: You are so right dear. It's about abundance!
    I'm so glad that you liked it. That's an inspiration for me surely.
    Looking forward to hear your footsteps... We are soon going to have tea beside my pond and a little chat too. See you buddy!

    Stay Good!

  4. riyadh, i loved your tea and your company. what a fine afternoon we had. i want to hear more about your country and your life there. would you consider telling me and your other neighbors more about yourself?


  5. You just said it, Riyadh. It is true, so true!
    Thanks! Can I get some of your pink roses for the shop, please?

  6. @KJ: Yes... It was a great afternoon indeed... And what a charming tea partner you are! Expecting you frequent visit!
    I have put in my brain what you have just said. I will be doing it in my next post Inshallah!

    @Caroline: Thanks a lot!

    @Wieneke: Hey old buddy! How are you...? Offcourse you can! And today you are getting it free!!!

    Cheerss buddy!

  7. Your poem expresses the feelings associated with Blogland Lane very well. I loved your photo!

  8. @Marion: That's what I tried to do! Thanks a lot! :)

  9. Wonderful poem,Riyadh and so true,,,,it's all here,,just close your eyes and see it all in abundance!
    Sometime we must have tea,,,and come see me at #64.

  10. @Babs: Thank you so much buddy! I'm sure going to stop by @ your place and have some tea... I love tea!! :)