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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just back from a little Walkabout

I walked way up in the northernmost reaches of Blogland Lane, well past where the lane ended.  In fact, I went past where the path ended as well.  I pulled on my wellies and waded across the bog and climbed the hill on the NE corner of the bog.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the bog-but it's a blog bog, so maybe it's ok.  At least that's what I told myself.  There was a rather rude Rancid Spyder Monkey shouting at me from a tree top nearby.  He threw something at me, but I didn't stop to see what it was.  He was in a foul mood and I doubted that anything he threw would be worth investigating.

Just as I crested the hill, I came upon a roving band of elves, and as luck would have it, they were just setting the kettle on to boil.  I love accidents of perfect timing.  We sat and had tea and laughed about everything and nothing at all.  Melita, the elder elf, told me about the time before we settled Blogland Lane.

She opined that having a little direction is a good thing-the lands are less treacherous now for them to travel, but still quite interesting.  Melita makes a good cup of tea and has quite a stash of elven biscuits.  Buttery, sweet, flaky elven biscuits.  Light and rich at the same time.  Perfect with tea and good conversation!

Melita and her crew-there are about 10 of them altogether-were leaving the area to perform at a Fall Festival in the lands beyond the reaches of Blogland Lane.  I issued an open invitation for them to visit me at #13 when they next returned to our region.  Melita promised to teach me to make elf biscuits.

As I sat near the bog to pull on my wellies, the Rancid Spyder Monkey appeared again.  Of course, he smelled the extra biscuits.  His mood was much improved, so we sat and shared a biscuit before I pulled on my boots and made my way home.

If you run into Melita or the Rancid Spyder Monkey on your travels-be sure and tell them hello for me.


  1. You are so lucky to have met Melita! She is known far and wide for her amazing elvin biscuits...light as air they are, I've been told. I've never had the honour of meeting the elves, as yet.

    I'm sorry they will be away for awhile. I can't wait to visit Blogland's bog. There are so many beings of interest in a bog!

  2. I do hope we haven't displaced any elves with our incursion.

  3. So happy to know of Melita. The next time I take a ramble through the bog, I will be more alert for her and leave her a pretty little serving plate for her lovely biscuits.

  4. aah, debra kay, blogland lane has unleashed your special way of seeing! i can't wait to meet melita. i am glad the elves have welcomed us. so we have bogs in the northeast corner, huh? hmmmm, makes me wonder what else.

    i think there is magic afoot, debra kay, and it seems you already know that.


  5. No worries about displacing elves-their realm is limitless, a trick we might all do well to learn.

    In my real life life, a long time ago, I once made bread so awful my goat refused to eat it. Goats really do eat everything, underwear off the line, any food. This bread was the only thing I ever saw him refuse.

    Elvish bread is lovely AND gluten free. It also sustains you without causing any weight gain.

  6. Like the sound of that Elvish bread!

  7. I'm ready to meet the elves that live on our island.