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Monday, September 7, 2009

Come to my house for dinner...

Grilled fish with capers... of course red wine!
Stuffed peppers
Grilled chicken and of course a corn, tomato, pepper salad
My new pony ~Sheldon after my best friend Renee's nephew.

and to meet my new pony~
I'm having a feast this coming Tuesday oh wait that's tomorrow~I'd better get my rear in gear.


  1. so i don't have to cook tues night, pattee?
    yippee-i-o. how about i bring three kinds of ben and jerry's ice cream and some hot fudge sauce. we can have this as dessert or as an appetizer--haha!

    ps sheldon is beautiful. can my little guy mr. ryan ride him?


  2. I love Sheldon. Actually I love both Sheldons.

    That food, so delicious and you are such a lucky duck with two men who can cook.

    Love Renee xoxo

  3. Yep no cooking tonight KJ, laughing wolf and Renee... don't forget to spread the news....

  4. Wow.... Your Pony looks so cute... And these delicious foods are definitely making me hungry.... I hope I'm not late!!!

  5. Nope no one's late to my house~ the party can move anywhere and the food is always good!

  6. What a delicious spread - but I've missed it ...oh no! Lovely pony, by the way!

  7. Hi Pattee, it looks (and smells) superb! I have had a small talk with Sheldon on my way inside your house and he is very satisfied with his stable and his mistress ;-) Always nice to know, eh?

  8. I'm sorry I missed the feast! Your new pony is his 'feathers'!

  9. What a gorgeous meal,,I'm so sorry I wasn't available.
    Please do it again soon, okay?

  10. You're going to eat that pony?
    The rest looks pretty delicious!