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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An art gallery on Blogland Lane

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Hi everyone. I have had family visiting and have been too busy to visit much, but I have been thinking about opening an art gallery, down town Blogland Lane called Bliss. Does that sound fun? I will be showing some of my own work, but it would be lovely if some of you other creative types join in and bring your paintings or ceramics and sculptures along to show. All mediums welcome and we have unlimited space! The paintings here are all done with Venetian plaster and acrylics on board. The first one is 8"x8" and is titled a "View from the Sky #2" and the next one is 12"x12" and titled a "View from the sky#1". Next one down is 47"x47" and titled "Push", last we have a 47"x47" painting called "Desire". I will be showing more from time to time so be sure and stop by. If you would like to see more of my work you can go to my art blog at:, or my ETSY site:
Thank you for stopping by and I can't wait to see your art work!
Blessings from #19 on Blogland Lane.


  1. yay! an art gallery! and what a beautiful start!

    bliss. i like it alot. gotta have some friday night openings, right?


  2. Oh yes! We can start next Friday, say 7.
    Let's all put up a painting or art piece.

  3. I love the's my cat's name!
    Hmmm, I have some paintings left from my move from California to Rhode Island. I think I'll show them there! (If you'll let me, of course.)
    I love your work btw!

  4. love the name of the art gallery but LOVE your painting esp the top one! awesome

  5. lolo-I love your work too and I would love it in the gallery! Bring it :-).
    Mim-Thank you! The top painting it the newest work.

  6. This is such fun. I must start painting right away . . . on second thoughts, I think I'll just enjoy your beautiful pictures, lolo. I don't think you'd want any of mine in your gallery . . .

  7. I have some paintings I did when my fingers weren't so shaky, lol...they are years old. It's time for them to see the light of day, so thank you, Annie, for opening an art gallery!

  8. I'm not much of an artist, but I'd love to come and look at your works.
    Great idea!

  9. How fun!
    Love your enthusiastic work shown here!
    I will bring some of mine to see if you have room,,,thank you!

  10. Wow! Love your arts and would love to see more at your art gallery! Keep it on!

  11. What a wonderful idea. I look forward to Friday night.