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Monday, September 7, 2009

My Belated Howdy to my neighbors

It's me, Teri (and the cats of Furrydance) of #57 Blogland Lane. I should thing all my neighbors must think I'm a hermit since it's been 5 weeks since I "rolled" up to my piece of heaven at #57, and I've yet to write an "intro" post.

Finding Bliss at 57

I'm thoroughly enjoying my small space and the "five cats in the yard" ala CSNY, and they are enjoying munching on the occasional leaf and insect that float into their cat condo (still housecats but with their kitty arboretum in the yard, they can see the birds, sniff the air and lay in the sweet sunlight outside but be safe).

Now I'm settled into my little home on wheels, I will have time to be with friends, and they will learn I make a great Mojito. That and great Guacamole are two things that spell "relaxation" to me and I think my new neighbors will find that out, too :-)

I got my new bike, it's turquoise and cream--just like my favorite uncles old Chevy Bel Air and I will be pedaling around to visit, bringing with me, my picnic basket of "relaxation". I also look forward to sleeping in a lot (Oh, of course I am retired in Blogland!) and taking some walks with the kitties to get to know the other critters in the neighborhood too (of course, there are no mean dogs, angry cats, or stealthy bunnies...everyone is friendly in Blogland). In fact, I'll leave my front door open when the cats are in the Cat Condo, and a my 4 legged neighbors can wander in to say hello.

The bird feeders are up, and the birdbath has fresh water every day and one of my favorite pastimes is watching the bathers flutter and send water droplets flying like diamonds in the sun. This late in the year, I will have to wait til spring to plant the Nasturtiums and sweet peas I think, but I did plant hedge rosemary all around my home on wheels, so the wheels are hidden now and the fragrance is so fresh! I've hung the hammock and hope there are many days left before the weather cools, that I can lay out and sway in the breeze like the trees...

Well, I'm about to make a tasty Seviche, to go along with a pitcher of please stop by and join me, won't you?

Note: all of the photos of the Lodge on Wheels are from this site


  1. I can't resist an invitation like that - I'll be there as soon as I've finished my chores - then again, the chores can wait. I'm on my way!

  2. Hi Teri....
    You and I think alike... I'm #0 in blogland...
    I have a gypsy caravan and love to take it to all the friends I have here...

  3. Hi Teri...Love to see ya here...cant wait to visit with you and the kitties

    Sonia ;)

  4. teri, i love to see you here too. how come your house is on wheels? do you push it around? haha!

    you need to meet studio lolo. she's at # 11, next to my # 9. you will be talking animals with one another as soon as you see each other!

  5. kj, yes I was a bit envious of you getting to meet lolo and know we would be up until the wee hours talking animals! Nothing I like's an excerpt from a recent email I got from a Furrydance family...

    "Angel and I were talking about you the other night. He mentioned that no matter how busy you are with your job and the cats, you always have time for us, who are one of many, and make us feel like we are the only ones when you converse with us. I want to let you know how much we both appreciate that and thank you for it. That is very special."

    It made me tear up a little...

  6. Lovely location for a house on wheels!

  7. Hi Teri, one thing I know for sure: in Blogland Lane you will never die of hunger ;-) Can you give me the recipe of your delicious guacamole, please?

  8. Hi, Teri, I'm so pleased to meet you! I love kitties of all kinds and will keep my eye out for you with your entourage! Your food looks too good to be true...I'll be over soon to have some of that tasty Seviche!

  9. Hi Teri,
    Holey moley, hold me some guacamole!
    Better yet, drop by my place at #64 with some and I'll have the tortilla chips ready. I also make a mean salsa and I'll bet we can whip up some margaritas!