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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just as I Promised! - "Myself & My Homeland"

Hey there! I'm from House#602! How are you guys!? Hope everyone is doing well by the grace of Almighty... It's good to see that our Blogland Lane is going forward very smoothly... Credit goes to all the inhabitants obviously... You guys are awesome... & so is our place!

In a reply to KJ's comment in my last post, I have promised to tell more about myself and my country... Now I'm here to keep my word! :) But I will try to make it as short as possible... For making it easier for you to read!

I, Me & Myself:

I'm just another simple guy of this little world... Studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in a University named IUT. I'm currently at the last stage of 3rd year of my graduation... If everything remains alright then I will be an Engineer by the end of next year, Inshallah! :) I want all the inhabitants of Blogland Lane to pray for me! :)

I should mention some words that I believe very firmly.... Those words tell a lot about me!

"One big reason is enough to make your life hell. I have so many like them. But I'm still happy. Because I have at least one reason to be happy."

This is what I use in all the "About me" sections of all types of personal profile. I believe we can never be happy until we believe we are happy...And I guess' Happiness' does follow the relativity theory of Einstein!

This should be enough to know me atleast a little bit... But if you want to know more about me you can visit the specialized sections (Phenomeneon, Thoughts) of my own blog: A Walk through my Life. My blog does reflect my life a lot!

My Country, My beloved Homeland: Bangladesh:

I live in a small country of Asia named Bangladesh. Though it's a small country it's one of the most densely populated country of the world! And I must mention that poverty and population are the two major problems of our country. But we have a lot of things to be proud of... We have a great history (1952-Language Movement, 1971-Liberation War and so on), we have the largest Sea Beach of the world: Cox's Bazar, we have the largest Mangrove forest of the world: The Sundarbans and so forth... But the most importantly, we have awesome people live around here! :) Our country is so green and we have a nice weather to live in!

Actually, I have a lot to say and it will be unusually long if I continue! So I better stop and just let you guys know that I love my country so so much inspite of all the problems she has! You can check out my posts about my nation in this section: My Homeland. I hope they can provide you with more information. An informal invitation to all the inhabitants of Bloglane Lane: Please have a visit to my country atleast once! I would love to see all of you wonderful guys walking on my land!

So, KJ and everyone, I guess I have tried to keep my word. Now I would like to request all my neighbours to introduce themselves and their respective Motherlands to all of us, right here, in Blogland Lane! :)

Stop by at #602 anytime you like... I feel very bored if I have to take tea alone! :)

EID MUBARAK to everyone!


  1. M Riyadh Sharif "Hi!"
    Thought i would pop in with a pot of my freshly made Chia tea... You could smell the beautiful aroma's no? And i have chocolate biscuits! X:-)

  2. Hello dear Riyadh,
    This was a fully loving and delightful post to introduce yourself and Bangladesh to the community. So interesting!
    I'm definitely praying for you with your difficult studies.
    Eid Mubarak. How is the fasting going? :)

  3. @Nollyposh: It would be a pleasure for me to have you as a tea partner... And Chocolate biscuits will just add extra hours for us to continue our chatting! :)

    @Lydia: Thanks a lot Aunt. Today our fasting has come to an end. And we are going to observe EID tomorrow... I have just got the news... Feeling so happy! Eid Mubarak Aunt!

    EID Mubarak to all of you again!

  4. riyadh, i can't tell you how much i enjoyed learning about you and your country. is that really a picture of you?--because if it is, you are one handsome guy.

    maybe sometime you can show some photos of bangaldesh' cities and rural areas.

    and yes, it's a great idea for the rest of us to introduce our 'motherlands'. i will do that, riyadh. and EID Mubarak to you.


  5. @KJ: Thanks a lot buddy. I'm glad that you like the description. And yes it's a picture of mine. Thanks for your compliment. But I must add: It's the picture I guess.. haha... :D

    I will surely show you guys more pictures of my country someday... Inshallah!

    Waiting for learning about your homeland! Please be faster! :)

    Eid Mubarak to you again!

  6. I'm glad your fasting season is over and hope it went well for you and all your friends and family. Happy Eid and welcome to Blogland Lane, neighbour. Tea and toast at number 101 any time - or fresh coffee if you prefer. Call in any time, the kettle's always on.

  7. Hi Riadh, it is very nice to hear about you and your country. Thank you for telling us. I've never been in Bangladesh myself, but I have learned from friends that the nature is wonderful and the people very friendly.

  8. Ohh,, not so much. Eid mubarak to you! I'm always up for tea.

    I live in Oklahoma, located a little south of the middle of the United States of America. Our state was originally used to "resettle" the native Americans, however the U.S. Government decided they wanted it too, so they opened it up for settlers. We had a "land run", which is essentially a race, to stake your claim for a new home.

    Depending on where your ancestry or allegiances lie, this is a tragic event in history or a wonderful new beginning. We still have sovereign native American lands here-they have their own governments, but they are also U.S citizens. Basically, the policy is sort of -do as you will on your own lands, but if it gets out of hand we'll come busting in and take over.

    Ok, I'm laughing, because that's pretty much U.S. policy. I don't want to get political.

    We do have a lot of native American Festivals and lots of opportunity to learn about their cultures (there were many tribes, each with a rich tradition)

    Other than the Native Americans (Indians) we had some oil fields and are now working to convert to Wind Generated Electricity. Compared to the rest of the U.S, our public schools suck wind and we are working on that too.

    I am conflicted. I moved back here a couple of years ago, and wish for parts of "big city life" again, but enjoy not having other parts of it. I guess as you've indicated, it's all just a state of mind.

    I think it would be interesting for all the U.S people to post more about their own states. So very often, we know U.S history, and our own state history, and very little else about our own country.

  9. Oh, thank you for this one - very interesting stuff.

  10. @Debra: I have read with much interest your comment. Maybe it is a very good idea that you write a special post about Oklahoma just for Blogland Lane. In my opinion it is a good thing to have more knowledge about the places where we all live in real life. More knowledge helps to understand people. For instance we Europeans see the USA as one big country. We all see on television New York, Washington and a few American politicians and now and then an American televisionseries or a nature movie. I myself cannot tell the states. Just a few of course. I don't know where they are located and I have to use a map to find out.
    Maybe it is the same with you guys... ?

  11. @Leigh Russell: Thank you so much! I would love to have tea at your place. Will be there soon!

    @Debra: Thanks for telling us about your State. I never heard that this type of policy lies somewhere is U.S.A. Interesting indeed! And your idea is great I guess... It would be really better if U.S. people tell about their own states.

    @Secret Agent Woman: Thanks a lot! Waiting to know about yours too!

    @Wieneke: It's very true... You will be amazed at Bangladesh people's cordiality . I hope someday you can visit my homeland buddy.... Tell us about yours too!
    About your second comment: You are so right... Actually, blog is a nice place for us to know about the world from real people. And Blogland Lane is just the nicest place here... So keep posting guys!

    Thanks everyone!

  12. Very interesting post and comments! Love those photos, thank you!

  13. It's was lovely to get to know you better. It's great to hear how much you love your country.

  14. @Dedene: Thank you! It would delightful to know about you and your country too!