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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shops on Blogland Lane

The General Store just opened for business complete with a rocking chair on the porch, just step onto the porch and open the creaky screened door.

The Art Supply store is run by an interesting group who believe in creative architecture, but they sell all sorts of lovely paints, and drawing papers and glues and journals...oh, a lovely day can be spent in this store.

Since most of us won't be driving on Blogland Lane, the Segway store just opened for business, renting for a very reasonable price and you get miles off one charge. Woo hoo - what fun.

Finally, the Blogland Lane Ice cream store, where you can get any flavor you want; both soft and hard ice cream, and chocolate coated sugar cones.

What other shops are waiting to be developed???


  1. OH! OH! this is great, mim! i loved how you've sketched our stores and shops! i also want a corner cafe, kind of bohemian, with wifi, where i can meet you and other friends for coffee and scones and we can sit in a booth or on a couch or at a large common table for as long as we want.

    and books. we need our bookstore.

    i wonder who wants to open the cafe and bookstore? oh, maybe wieneke's # 100 is the cafe already..

    oh and i want small round tables with an ocean view and an ocean breeze.

  2. Super drawings!
    I love the abstracted-y roof of the art supply! And I need some cad red,,,,,so I'm heading right over!

  3. Good, I like quaint little shops with friendly shop people.
    I'll be dropping in.

  4. This is great! My flower & giftshop is #100, that is right, but I only serve a cup of coffee with some fresh Dutch applepie in the morning in a small corner in the shop. Sorry for the limitation, but I have to have some time off to come and visit you guys too :-)I hope someone else is going to open a good book store and a cafe. What I would like is a jewellers shop with exquisite stuff.
    Maybe Mim can draw my F & G-shop too.
    Please, please, Mim ???

  5. One lovely flower and giftshop coming up!

  6. I would love a bookstore and coffee shop to relax in after a long day's job hunting!

  7. I'm with Middle...I would love a bookstore! And a Quilt and Needleworking shop...I am very close to running out thread and wool!

    What wonderful shops, Mim...they are really charming.

  8. I'll open a dog spa/coffee shop towards one end of the commercial district. You can drop your dog off while you go play, then come back, collect your pup and put your feet up for a bit.

    I'll sketch it out and put it up a little later. I envision a circular design, like those high end aquariums so that you can watch your dog (and the staff can too) from a central location-yet never be too far to let anyone get themselves into trouble.

  9. As the local author, of course I'll open a bookstore with any book you fancy and lots of comfy chairs. We'll have a small coffee shop in the bookstore, run in conjunction with the local coffee shop so there'll be no competition. We'll have a book club - first book to discuss will be mine, of course, as I've been reading it to you. And we must have story time for the children.

  10. With all this time on your hands and a few of us in uncertain work situations, I'd like to open an employment agency. I'm going to put something together on the weekend. Lovely jobs with huge wages and plenty of rostered days off for reading, painting and coffee shopping.