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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Magical garden space

Hi guys just a quick note
to let you in on a ~special~ place
within my garden ...Here at 112

i hope you don't mind...
but i have been gathering up
all the odds and bods
that folks have been putting out on their nature strips
for recycling...
And putting together this special spot...
(Maybe you can recognize a few things here?)
It's been so much *fun*
and i would like to invite anyone who is interested
to come on over anytime
with ANYTHING they are thinking that they would like to recycle
...and make/have a little creative *fun* with me

and the really *magical* thing is...
that even the wild~life that are attracted here
are ~recycled~ tOO!!!

Whoo Hoo!

(Ps) and this little number
i've dedicated to Barry
and it's embedded in the top of the archway entry



  1. nolly, what a sculpture garden!!! and how great to know i can creatively recycle!

    aren't we the most interesting bunch of neighbors?! i can't wait until some of the studios open up--come to think of it, wouldn't your garden be a great place to create?


  2. That is amazing...Love Love Love...

  3. Wow!!!! It's awesome Nolly! Just as you titled... Magical!

  4. This is amazing I've never seen anything like it before, a unique work of modern art. Have you filmed it for youtube yet? You'll get so many commissions.
    Congratulations on your magical archway.

  5. This is nice ánd useful, because just old things have been used, I understand. I like people who are that creative.

  6. That's quite a colection of found art! I like the peace sign, too - I scratched one into each driveway before the concrete dried at my house.

  7. For fear of breaking the *magical spell* i did goggle this pic (it's not a REAL place, well not in my worlde anyway!) but a wonderful thought, i thought X:-) Thanks for visiting my space guys xox

  8. This is extraordinary! I love the way the teacups look as if they're just ready to use!