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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lot 268--A House!

It's been awhile since I've provided an update on what we've accomplished since we arrived here on Blogland Lane.

I've been keeping sooo busy.

Visiting, Crab fishing, partying, snorkeling in the crystalline clear blue waters of the Bay...and most of all hiking through this amazing Land...have kept me moving quickly throughout the Days.

Even here, on Blogland Lane where all things are possible, Night still arrives. I've had the most wonderful sleeps, anchored here in the Bay and I feel ready and refreshed and anticipating the Day.

Now, you would think 5 acres of Land is a small parcel. And it should be...but here, those 5 acres seemingly have no end. There is a Lake, a small Mountain, a Stream with Fields, and of course, Ocean and her Beach, all encompassed within its boundaries.

And wonders upon wonders! Upon one of my forays into a deeply forested area, after following an Animal trail...I have come upon a very grand old House. It is a little dilapidated, for sure; yet its bones show a welcoming grace. I have an impression of long lines, an old garden...Roses blooming!

I wonder whose home it is?

I check my bearings...yes, I am still well within the boundaries of my parcel of Land. But I remember being told this Land was bare, with no dwelling ever erected. How very strange!

I must have travelled on the trail in a roundabout way, since Ocean has suddenly become visible, there...just through the Trees.

I wonder where the sloop is.

I wander through a huge Rhododendron Forest, all of them in full flower, in every colour of the Rainbow, towards the Beach. I am South from where we are anchored...ahh, yes. The sloop would be behind the headland over there.

I seem to be in another Bay. How odd! It feels as if I have walked for a whole afternoon...yet here is this House, almost right next door to where we are!

And I am positive I have walked this stretch of Beach before; there was no House to be seen then...just a rather large Field, if memory serves correctly.

I call Wolf for assistance.  I ask...Does he remember a House here?

He wears his usual enigmatic expression.  Yes, he says, in another time...

And Wolf, a male of few words, meanders off to investigate the House, sniffing the trunks of Rhododendron Trees along the way, before I can ask his meaning. Wolf can be irritating; he largely assumes I am able enough to decipher his vague dialogues with me.

I bite my lip. Is it possible I have wandered into a parallel World? How will I return?

But then, I remember anything is possible in Blogland Lane.

Stay tuned...


  1. A land where anything is possible . . . take care, kj! I hope this isn't going to turn into a 21st century Lord of the Flies. But no, a land where roses bloom all the year round has to be wonderful. Still, I'm glad you have the enigmatic Wolf with you.

  2. Hmmmmmm. How wonderful it would be to sail on the ocean, ride a horse, doze in a hammock and swim with the brightly colored fishes, all at once.

  3. marion, i savored every SINGLE word of this meandering. i walked along with you, holding my breath at what might happen next.

    what a wonderful story teller you are! and somehow the mystery of blogland lane unfolded for you, perhaps because you SEE?


  4. thx marion, this old wuff enjoyed the journey, too :)

  5. Wow - exciting and magical! Loved this journey!

  6. Sorry Marion - I thought this was posted by kj - I'm terrible with names. I've just met 5 new classes of 25 pupils each in 2 days . . . all I've done is memorise names . . . or try to . . . I need to spend some time in Blogland Lane! (But now am off to another book signing . . . )

  7. Leigh,

    It's ok, Leigh. I'm having great trouble trying to remember who and where everybody is on Blogland Lane!

    I'm glad I have Wolf along, as well, on this journey, even if he is kind of crabby. I'm not sure where I'll end up...and he has gotten me out of more jams than enough!

    Good luck with your book signing!

    Debra Kay,

    That sounds delightful! I don't suppose one can even get tired out much on Blogland Lane, but doing all those things you mentioned at once could make me challenge the non-tiredness.

    More than likely, I'll have horses again once I'm settled. Please come and ride with me!


    Thank you. I love telling stories. I would come up with really scary stories to tell my kids around the campfire when they were young; there were a few nightmares!

    Laughing Wolf,

    Do you think you could teach crabby old Wolf to laugh?


    Thank you. It's great fun!


    Thank you, as well. I wonder what the outcome will be!

  8. Wonderfilled post Marion!
    Welcome to the lane! Drop by and see me at #64,,,,anytime. Right on the beach,,,Wolf knows the way, he's been there before.

  9. Hi Marion, I enjoyed this post very much. Wolf, a male of few words.... awesome :-)