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Monday, October 19, 2009

Preventative Healing

We hear a lot about Preventative Medicine in our culture, be it well care checkups, immunizations, or tests and scans that are recommended to catch the physical problem before it becomes a bigger problem. I believe we need take that a step further, and heal ourselves from within so that medicine is less likely to be needed. This can be in the obvious form of adopting a more healthy lifestyle or in a deeper form of spiritual healing and nurturing that soothes us so profoundly that we don't manifest outer disease.

Spiritual healers such as Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer refer to disease as dis-ease, meaning that disease is the result of our bodies being "ill at ease" with something...with our path, our relationships...our own inner resistance to our outer situation, which then creates tension and stress in our bodies and ultimately manifests itself in disease. Louise Hay has certainly lived that idea in her own healing of cancer in her body, as well as through the many people who have been helped by her book or those of other Hay House authors. There are many examples in which these spiritual leaders have shown through their own experiences that one can heal physical illness through faith and by ridding the body of things that have caused dis-ease.

While preventative medicine is a wonderful avenue for staying healthier, we should not forget other measures that do not have to do with medication or medical practices, delving into ourselves to find our true path and course, which will then put us as ease, rather than dis-ease. Our health issues can be wonderful clues from above as to what we need to work on, or which directions are not working for us. All that it requires is that we pay attention, in earnest, and take steps to correct our missteps or alter areas that are incongruent with our true plan or purpose. When we begin to live our lives more accurately on our path and rid ourselves of the obstacles (self-imposed or otherwise) that steer us away from our Higher Selves, then our bodies will become more at ease with our choices, through better health, fewer physical problems, looking younger, and other noticeable physical responses.

I speak repeatedly on my personal blogsite ( about spiritual guidance through connection to Source, to God, to angels and spirit. I do so because I have seen so many wonderful and miraculous things in my own life and many of those that I have worked with, so I KNOW that it can have an immediate and profound impact on one's life. I feel that I must share that with as many as possible, as many as are willing to listen or open enough to consider the possibilities. There is a great energy that is touching many people at this time to examine their lives, to search for a deeper spirituality, to find and live their real purpose...rather than just living out a routine existence. It is a truly exciting time. If you have ailments that are bothering you, understand that they may have a deeper root than just the medical implication, then search beyond the pills and medicine to try to go to a deeper place within yourself and a higher power beyond what you have known so far. (This does not mean to ignore the medical options, but simply not stop at those for all of your solutions!). If you search earnestly and faithfully, I believe you will find your answers, your healing, your peace.


  1. sherri, have you just moved to blogland lane? where is your house? how will i recognize it? do you need a hand? would you like to meet for coffee at cookie's cafe?


  2. what a great post...and such a coincidence that I should read this now. Just this morning I was thinking of a friend who has a multitude of aliments...all very really...but I couldn't help but wonder if she stepped away from the physical and really looked at the internal and spiritural self if she wouldn't be able to start to heal herself.

    She is a lovely woman but has become very focused on her aliments and medications and medical treatments and appointments to the point that it has now become a full time job for her. All I can think of is how much living she is missing out on.

    Great post...

  3. I agree with this post whole-heartedly.
    Very well said.

  4. Sherri, a super post! I'm glad you're here! I had no idea you were interested in Blogland Lane!

    I'll be over to visit as soon as you get set up with your lot and house...

    Again, how lovely to see you here!

  5. I agree. Healing comes in many forms, and not all of them fit in a bottle. I spent the morning with one of my best healers and he weighs over a thousand pounds. My very special personal physician is currently singing along with Grover and Ernie.

    I woke up today with an aching hip and two aching feet-and after spending some quality time with my buds-no more pain.

  6. I know that I am much healthier when I'm home at the cabin than when I'm in town. I eat better, sleep better, exercise more and feel better. When I am in town I seem to immediately revert back to my cityfolk ways of junk food, TV, Internet and staying up late to do stupid stuff. I'm heading back up the lake right now to take some of my own good medicine. Thanks for the reminder. - Margy

  7. It is truly amazing how our aches, pains, or illnesses can disappear when we begin to listen to our bodies, invite gratitude and joy into our lives, connect in a deeper spiritual way, or simply live out our truth or purpose in a more meaningful way. There is one story on my blog that I love because it demonstrates how quickly and powerfully our illnesses can change when we simply step into being what we came here to be: