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Friday, October 2, 2009

Bliss Gallery Opening Night

What fun to be here. Now that I am up and posted, I'm going to go take a look around. Thank you Annie, for arranging this event.

This year was a year of "firsts" for me.

First Handmade Purse

First Felted Purse

First Wrist Warmers

First Bloglandia Ball Gown

First Wallhanging

And now, my First Fiber Show. I'm loving all my Firsts.


  1. annie, these are wonderful! my partner is a fiber artist, and because i know her work, i can see how talented you are. and your frist fiber show. i think that is wicked cool! those little shoes in the middle of the dress made me laugh. and your hands are perfect models!


  2. Wow . .unusual . . I love the felted purse! (But I think the ball gown might be a little small and could possibly itch - give it to Barbie, the biatch deserves a rash!)

  3. LOL, Baino. The ball gown is definitely Barbie size. Yes. it looks itchy but actually very soft. We mustn't mess with The Barbie's tenders skin. **grin**

    Thanks kj. I love those shoes too. They were a last minute bit of inspiration.

  4. What a beautiful set of firsts Annie!! You should be very proud and inspired to do more ;)

  5. I love the dress, but I am afraid it would not fit :-). Thanks for joining the gallery!

  6. I love the dress! And all the other firsts show so much talent.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more, Annie! Thank you for posting these.

  7. Nice work! I need a fiber hanging for my entryway/stairwell. Can you come over to discuss a custom job? I'm at 735.

  8. Just saw you post Dedene. On my way. Oh, it's dark now. I'll stop by tomorrow.