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Friday, October 2, 2009

When Harry Met Silly - A Bless Gallery Photo Study

I'm still very much a beginner and frankly take more 'candid' shots or careful studies but found myself on a beach at twilight with a friend and her dog Harry, when we met a very rambunctious and hairy something-or-other. He was wet, bouncy and I just snapped madly and ended up with some pretty lovely shots which really show the motion this double-jointed firebrand possessed. I can't paint, sculpt or draw but photography continues to be my artistic outlet . . enjoy "When Harry Met Silly"

Harry . . .

Silly . .

Harry, Silly . .and . . .well someone else!


  1. What a riot. You can almost hear the happy noise rising out of these photos. Love that top one and all those teeth. Hmmmmm, could be a toothsome barrett too. LOL

  2. Harry seems unflapped by that tooth-bearing mutt! Poodles are awesome, I think. They're too smart to get mixed up in bullshit ;)

    Great candid shots Baino! And thanks for stopping by my Wallflower show.

  3. These are great shots! Thanks for joining the gallery Baino.

  4. Fabulous pictures! The first one almost scared me but yea Harry seems to be saying "What's your problem take a "chill" pill!"

  5. I love the movement in these photos! I felt as if I was there...really good!

    I hope they meet again. Such joy in each other's company demonstrated here.

  6. ah baino, honey hells, my fantastic friend: how lovely that you have had your first show here at bliss on blogland lane. the movement is just great. i can feel their playful teeth.

    more please next opening....


  7. If you hadn't said they were playing, I'd have thought Sily was about to devour Harry!