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Sunday, October 25, 2009

kj Hawks Her Book

Hear Ye! This is a early holiday pitch on behalf of my beloved first book!!
The publication of The Light Stays On has been sheer joy. It's a thrill to hold the book in my hands, to hear from people who've read it and liked it, to see reviews and excerpts in print. I haven't done the promotion piece justice in recent months, but The Light Stays On is finding its way through Amazon, Barnes and Noble. com, some book signings, a recent book reading, and several favorable critic reviews.
I apologize if you've come here for leisure and here I am promoting my book. I haven't and won't do it often, but as a jump on the holidays, if books are on your shopping list, I am offering my blog buddies, here and at my own blog , a discounted rate of $10 per book for purchases of two or more books (plus postage).
To get this rate, you will have go to my blog at (see my sidebar there) and order through Paypal. I will include a beautiful bookplate with each purchase, personally signed by me and inscribed to who ever you'd like.
Or you can order by email at and pay by check. The shipping charge is $ 4.80 for one or two books, a bit more for three or more.
If you are not familiar with the story, here is the synopsis from the book's back cover:

The Light Stays On by Karen Jasper
$13.95 List price
Publisher: Chihuahua Press
Is it morally defensible for a wife and mother to leave her family because she's fallen in love with someone else?
What if that wife and mother is terminally ill?
.And what if that someone else is another woman?.
For Alex Fournier, it is the pull of obligation and duty to her husband and children. For Lily Peterson, it is the challenge of loving a woman who belongs somewhere else.
.They are apart for seven years, until a terminal illness strikes. When they finally meet again, they begin an unforeseen and unimaginable journey through a maze of confusing and tender connections with each other and the innocent people who love them.
You can find some reviews on my blog or at Amazon. com.
Okay, I did it. I promoted my book on Blogland Lane. I did it. I hope you don't mind. And if you don't mind spreading the word, I would appreciate it. I have sales goals in my head, and I'm over the top excited by every single sale!
Thank you, thank you.


  1. kj,

    What a proud day for you! To be able to hold your book in your hands and have other people (who are not related to you) reinforce your talent must be the most wonderful feeling imaginable.

    Congradulations talented lady!!


  2. dear kj,

    you are wonderful. your book is amazing. i am ordering 1000 copies right now.


    (oh kj, cut it out! we know it's you!)


  3. Way to go! I think this is a great venue for talking about your is a huge part of your life, after all. I am presently tied up fixing water lines (in real life,unfortunately!, but I will be over to your blog asap to order.

    I can't wait to read, dear kj!

  4. linda, the whole affair is a wild and wonderful ride! and, you know, holding it and flipping the pages is almost orgasmic!

    marion, awwwwwh. that is great. jeez i hope you like it. i want to know either way. promise you'll tell me, okay? meanwhile, what's with the water lines?

    kj to kj: behave!

  5. I have this book....and enjoy immensely....Promote away darling....Its a great book...and I have a signed one...woot woooooooot


  6. Kj!!!! Congratulations!!!
    I agree with Sonia ~Promote!!!
    I'll have to go google it!

    I'm so glad you did like your witch and whoever you gave it to did also!

  7. Love this book and it has a great cover :)

  8. I happen to love this book and I love the author even more.


  9. sonia: come here please. do you mind a thank you hug?

    valgal: i get a zillion compliments on the cover. it was painted specifically for me by a dear dear friend named valerie walsh. she goes by the name of valgal. i love her very much.

    pattee, your witch is awesome. i gave it to JB and she hung it in the kitchen window, which i knew she would. the detail and quality is amazing. i think you should post some of your dolls (is that the right term?) here on blogland lane. and pattee, what do you think about meeting renee in seattle? just wondering.. :)

    renee, it's a good thing you love me because i love you too. see above seattle comment. a girl can dream...

  10. Tsup*!* Tsup*!* Tsup*!*

    When are you doing a book tour in Oz*?*

  11. kj, the story sounds wonderful and I will make my way to your site to order. Surrounding ourselves with stories about people who have ventured out of the norm to live in truth helps give us the courage to live our own truth. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Your story sound heart-rending and poignant. I'm listing it on my Goodreads "To Read" list.