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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rusty Doorknobs--Lot 40, House #268

As I disentangle myself from the Vines and Branches, I ask Wolf...What do you mean? What on Earth is happening here?

Wolf smiles his rather fearful grin, his teeth glinting a little in the Sunlight. 

You will see...he says...But only if you leave your Fear behind. Have I ever taken you on a journey which caused you harm?

I pick off a recalcitrant Vine, thinking back to some of the escapades on which Wolf had taken me.  All involved looking closely at some part of me he was not satisfied with...and while these did not harm, as such, each small sojourn did bring a rise in apprehension and anxiety.

Ruefully, I ask myself...Why should this journey be any different?

And with renewed Trust in Wolf...he is a messenger from the Gods and my Spirit guide, after all...I straighten my back and march to the door.

The door is made of heavy planks of Cedar.  Gargoyles have been carved at each corner, rather cleverly, I think...if I stare hard and long enough, each Gargoyle seems to move...

I tear my glance away.  The last thing I need at this moment is to engage with Gargoyles.

I focus on the doorknob.  In particular, I notice that it is in dire need of polishing.  When (or if!) I return to Blogland Lane, I vow to check the Employment Notice Board to see if I can hire a handy person.  One who is not afraid of travelling Vines!

The doorknobs are ornate, although I can't see the detail for the rust and tarnish.  Made of Iron, I believe each might be a depiction of a part of Wolf.  I shake my head, with some despair, and turn to look at Wolf.

Wolf is gone.  Of course he is. For some reason, I am to enter this fantastical abode alone...

My hand touches the knob, feeling its crenellated surface only fleetingly before, as if by some magical hand, the doors open slowly and silently.

I stand on the sill, staring into the gloom.  The entry area is dark, dusty.  The one window is covered with Vines and little light passes through.  For all the darkness and dust, the Air smells as fresh as the early Morning after a Rainstorm.

There is no furniture in this rather large room; the floors are covered in long, wooden planks.  With the dim light, it is difficult to make out how the walls of this room have been finished. I have an impression of dark, heavy, and carved wooden panels.

There is no Art on the walls that I can see; if, as my intuition is telling me, this House is to be mine, the first thing I will do is call Bliss Gallery, back on Blogland Lane.

It would be possible for me and my companions to live in only one room, in the beginning, at least; however, I could not be content in a room with no Art.

I see no interior door leading anywhere.What kind of home is this...I wonder...It looks far larger than only one room from the outside!

My eyes adjust to the dim light.  I make out an object in the far corner of the room, on the floor.

I wonder what it might be. It is dark, vaguely odd shape... and looks slightly familiar.

As I move closer, heart in mouth...that entry door which opened so magically for me, just a short time ago, could also close, leaving me shut tight in this dark, gloomy room.

Standing as far away from the object as is possible, I squint, trying to make it out without moving closer.


Back in a mo...


  1. Wolf drew me in from the get-go!
    Wolves and ravens have always led me down the right path. This was great! I'll stay tuned...

  2. If it rings, you must answer swiftly, "Yes Commissioner?"

  3. oh jeez. do you mind if i swear alittle? i will be discreet. i f----- love the writers on blogland lane. marion! you are PAINTING this story! your words and descriptions are a paintbrush.

    now what? you and middle are both spinning tale of high suspense.

    and marion, i love wolf. the ease and grace with which he carries himself. that photo tells everything about him,but i especially like the gentleness.


  4. not fair! my f---- got divided so it doesn't look like f---. maybe i should just say the actual word, but i am still too shy to do that. but i like the word. i use it in my friend renee's garden to shoo away the cancer cells.


  5. Oh my, a cliffhanger! I agree fully with KJ, you are a storypainter. If this phone is ringing, you just have to say 'This is the Turkish embassy' with a strong firm voice. I did this all the time when we had a stupid caller once. He did not like it and after a while he stopped calling.

  6. Lolo,

    You never know...Raven may show up! Wolf and Raven have a fairly close relationship.


    I may try that...Yes, Commissioner sounds as if I'm in complete control!


    You can swear as much as you like! I may, myself, if I don't get some answers soon. I am thinking of calling Owl...she is never short on answers.

    I agree with you about Wolf. If I am in serious trouble, there is none as understanding and gentle as he is.

    And I must admit, the F word is part of my everyday language. I will have to hold it in, however, as at the moment I am visiting my grandchildren. I am trying to set a good example, lol!


    I love your answer to stupid callers. I am going to try it in real life.

    I am concerned I might actually be IN the Turkish Embassy, lol!