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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Middle's Untitled Fiction - Now Taking Suggestions

First go read the beginning here.

Her brother's wedding. I wish I could say this was long coming. I wish I could say we were all happy about this. But Brian is twenty years old, and it all just feels wrong. I really thought the days of shotgun weddings were past, but when Lisa's parents--her dad really--found out she was pregnant, Brian was on the hook.

And he should be, I guess, but marriage? At twenty? They're still babies themselves.

The whole situation casts a pall over what really should be a very beautiful occasion. Not a very auspicious start.

And to top it off, the groom's sister needs to get her ass in gear if she doesn't want to be late. Gently now..."Jen? I'm gonna start the c--"

I'd have stopped short anyway. As she comes down stairs, I see she's wearing the emerald green dress that sets off her eyes so well. Quickly I calculate the time in my head...undressed...back upstairs...damn. No. No way. She laughs.

"No!" she smacks me on the shoulder, "We do NOT have time for that. You're so obvious."

"I'm consistent," I admit, and give her a quick kiss before we head out the door.


  1. I like the way you begin with just two characters, letting us get a picture of them in our heads, before moving on to the larger screen so to speak of the wedding (I assume that's next anywya). I also like the way the two characters are contrasted and made special by their differences. Keep writing!

  2. Middle-- this is intriguing. Who is the narrator?
    The ending leaves so much unsaid. I'm waiting for the next instaalment!

  3. Ps I'm not typing well on my new iPhone. I meant to say I am intrigued by the narrator! More please because I'm hooked!

  4. Middle,

    I've been following this story along and have been waiting for the next instalment. Does the wedding actually happen? Keep on..