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Friday, October 23, 2009



We are delighted to have you here at the first of many gatherings at the Turtle, where natives and guests mingle in the warm night air and the conversation is as spirited as the dance steps.

Listen to the sounds of the Tres Amigos as you choose your drinks and get your feet tapping.  You can adjust the sounds to your personal levels. 

The Margaritas are icy cold and have their own table near the pool.  There is a cash bar under the rear portico where the bartenders can mix anything you want.

Vincent also put pitchers of Sangria on the tables around the pool.  Help yourself.  I don't know if you have ever had Sangria, but here is a recipe I've used for years.  Just remember, its not too sweet, so you can use it as a jumping off point for adding fruit, although the more fruit you add, the more it will taste like punch.  And, the Sangria pitchers are so much fun!

Spanish Sangria
3 1/4 c. (26 oz) dry red wine
1T. superfine sugar
juices of 1 large orange and 1 large lemon, strained
1 large orange and 1 large lemon, thinly sliced
1 c. club soda
Add juices to wine and refrigerate.  When serving, add club soda.  Prepare glasses, or large balloon wines by putting 1 slice each of lemon and orange against the inside glass, add ice, then pour in the Sangria.  Makes four glasses.

This goes really well with Tapas, especially if you can find those wonderful little plates that fit on top.  We buy them buy the case here.  

You are in for a treat.  Rose has made lots of tapas and she is a fanatic about freshness, so they will all be hot and crispy.  Don't even think about the calories.  You don't want to know.   Rosa keeps all her recipes in her head!  So, enjoy them while she makes them, but I can give you a few general clues.  Whatever she makes, she mixes hot and cold temperatures, mild and spicey flavors and sweet and savory mixtures.  Then, she adds little pick ups.  Heres a sample.

Mix cream cheese with smoked oysters.  Make another mixture of egg salad, but use aolli instead of mayo.  Stuff hollowed out small yellow and red tomatos.  Brush pita toasts with a little mixed cream cheese and mayo.  Top with a little red onion and smoked salmon.  Add flavored olives, some sweet gerkins and cinnamon pecans and you done!  I can do this; I can't touch what Rosa does.

Isn't Vincent a hoot!  He is just way too cute for his  own good.  He may have had too much Sangria.  Someone point him upstairs a little later if he starts listing to the left. He will grab all of you and drag you to the dance floor sooner or later.  He thinks he is Fred Astaire (his hero).

Now, I know you are tapping your feet, so GET UP AND DANCE!!!  You can do it, just swing your hips and your feet will get the idea.  Just pretend you know what you are doing and pretty soon, you will.  

Girls, we need to find Baino.  She HAS to tell us the story of big sombreros and large guitars...............

Grab a Margarita!



  1. you are a fantabulous hostess! i arrived alittle early because came from pattee's caravan and had dropped by the beach, so i've started on the drinks alittle early. please tell me if i seem to wobble while standing.

    currently i am at the tapas table. rosa is hovering about as proud as can be and she has every right. the food is fantabulous too.

    i'm looking for dance partners. everyone, anyone. i'll be checking in later, i hope i won't slur my words but then but if i do i know i;m among friends


  2. Thanks for the invitation to stop by the Turquoise Turtle while I was down the lake. The ambiance and margaritas were fabulous! My tummy is so full of tapas (yes, I went back for seconds, thirds, well, you just can't put those little bites down). I almost sank the boat when I got back in to head home. Maybe if I'd danced rather than watching from my table it would have better. I'll know better next time. - Margy

  3. i am still eating and drinking and dancing and now also flirting....

  4. kj,

    Hang it there girl! Grab Vincent and hit the dance floor. No one will notice (or care) if you wobble there.


    Come on back! Swim around the lake a little, then you are ready for more calories.


  5. Delish,Delish. I love those little plates that fit on the top of the glasses and Tapas is among my favourite 'slow food'. Sorry to disappoint but there's no story behind the sombraros and big guitars, just a fear of moustachio'd mariachi bands. Your Latino mix is just fine! My hips are moving but my feet won't follow! Lovely start to the weekend!

  6. What a party! Wonderful! Vincent just learned me the mambo or the mamba, whatever! I am now heading for the tapas and the sangria. KJ, I hope you will do your famous tabledance later on?

  7. mmmm...what a spread! I love those tomatoes with the stuffings...Rosa is amazing! I think it must be the love she has for food...I sneaked into the kitchen and every item she uses is as fresh as can be!

    The music just puts me in a party mood...but I'll have to wait my turn with Vincent! He is extremely busy dancing with all the ladies!

  8. Wait a minute.....tabledance? I'm in, let me ditch the stilettos. I thought I just saw all of you in the Rhumba line snaking through the garden. Nothing like a Margarita for a party!

    PUT DOWN the Sangria before you get up on the tables!

    Vincent will dance your feet off Marion. Be prepared to throw your head back and put a rose between your teeth.

    Rosa will feed you forever if she thinks you love her food!

    - latin leading man
    - food
    - type of dance
    - country to visit

    Whats yours?

  10. Baino,

    I'm guessing your favorite guy doesn't have a mustache?


  11. oh my head. it was worth it. i think baino passed out before i did. everyone seemed wildly unruly--the best kind of event.

    good going, linda!


  12. I had to work and I missed all the fun :-(.