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Friday, October 2, 2009

Welcome to Bliss Gallery Opening Night

Annie Coe here.
Be sure and click on the images to see all the detail. My paintings are all about texture, color and detail :-). The top painting is "The Blue Bird of Happiness", 20"x 16", next is a close up, then we have "The Crown of Love", 14"x14", then "The crown of Happiness", 16"x 16" with a detail of the painting below that. Last is a recent painting called "The Joy of Spinning", 12"x 16". All paintings are done with venetian plaster and acrylic paint on board or canvas. If you have questions or would like to purchase any of these paintings email me, you will find links to my work on my blog here. Also if anyone does buy anything tonight I will donate 10 percent of the money to KJ's cause. Have fun looking around and be sure to have some wine and cheese and don't forget to sign the guest book :-). XOXO


  1. annie, these are just great. i especially love the expression on the bluebird of happiness--it strikes me like she has a watchless clever secret...

    thank you so much for opening Bliss and showcasing this eye-popping work.


  2. Dear Annie,

    I love the vibrant colors you use. Your work comes to exciting life. I adore birds and am working on a series of embroidered and quilted birds. I'm always happy to find another birdie friend.

    xxoo Annie

  3. The crown! Fantastic. I'd love to get some idea of the size. These look like little tiles. Beautiful.I'm amongst some very creative company here. Must say I feel a little artistically intimidated by my neighbours!

  4. Thanks everyone.
    Kj-Yes, she does have a secret :-).
    Annie-I do love the birds! All animals
    Baino-Thanks. I listed the sizes in my post, next to the title. And don't be intimidated :-).

  5. Wow. I love the Crown of Happiness and the Blue Bird. The colours and textures are really super, Annie!

  6. So proud of have really come out of the slump, like your work...smiles.