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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Introduce Yourself - Right On #997

That's what they used to say in the cheer when I was working (oh, how I hate the sound of that word) at an elementary school. Introduce yourself - right on! [foot stomp, foot stomp], Introduce yourself - right on! [foot stomp, foot stomp]. So here goes.

I'm Margy and I'm new here on Blogland Lane. I found a lovely big lake at the end of the road and decided to tow my cabin on over and anchor along the shore. I'm in spot #997 if you're looking for me. I want to give a big thanks to Marion on Lot #268 for leading me to Blogland Lane and Debra Kay in #13 for getting me all settled in. It's nice to know such nice people already.

I like meeting new people, going to parties, and just hanging out and chewing the fat. But I also like my solitude, so living up the lake is perfect for that as well. Tow my cabin to Blogland Lane? Now what's all that about you say. Well, my abode is mobile on the water. If I want to relocate, I just hook it up to my trusty boat and give'r a tug. Once I find a likely spot, I anchor her down with steel cables and set up housekeeping.

When things are happening on the Lane, I can hop in my boat and head on down in a flash. Thanks for letting me join the neighborhood. Come on up when you can, sit by the wood stove and enjoy a brew (coffee, tea or the kind with a head).


  1. Wow! how cool! Love the stove welcome to blogland!

  2. Thanks for the welcome. I'll enjoy meeting everyone as the days go by. - Margy

  3. Welcome~ Beautiful lake property you have~I hope I can come for a visit~
    I'm #0.. I have a horse drawn gypsy caravan and I stop anywhere anytime~

  4. Welcome welcome welcome. I'm stomping my feet and hooping and hollering!

  5. How superb you've made it, Margy! I've been on the lookout for you.

    I LOVE your place! Do you know, I had one very like it in a previous life? My cabin was not on a lake, however, rather in a Bay on the Ocean, and lost to the mists of time.

    I am longing to sit in front of that stove! I will come by very soon...

  6. Hi Margy! I'm just across the water from of these days I hope to actually visit your real digs! Thanks for directing me here and I'll be posting real soon.

  7. Hi Margy,

    I'm new too and want to welcome you as warmly as I was welcomed here. What nice neighbors we have. Your lake cabin looks so soothing, and theres no grass to mow!
    Come see me at the Turtle.


  8. Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. I'll stop by to visit soon. Pattee, I already saw your gypsy caravan. It's lovely and romantic. I can just see myself lounging and relaxing inside while I see the countryside pass by. - Margy