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Friday, October 2, 2009

Bliss Gallery Opening: Wallflowers

I know I'm just making it under the wire, sorry.

I thought I'd show my Wallflower series of women. I call them 'Wallflowers' because I create them on patterned paper which, to me, resembles wallpaper.

The only one still available is the demure looking woman with the tatoos, and that's because of all the hoopla created about tonight's gallery showing. (Thanks, Annie!) Well, here they are in all their finery. Comments & critiques welcome!


  1. Oh Lolo, these are wonderful. I LOVE the first one. Thanks for joining the gallery! xoxo

  2. Lolo I had no idea that you painted seriously. I really must go over to your blog one of these days! Love them. All of them.

  3. Wow beautiful!!! Thank you for showing them!

  4. wow! what a treasure to see these wallflowers together like this. you are a gifted artist, and your eye and heart get it so right. love these women...


  5. Dear Lolo,

    I love your work. The gentle slope of their breasts, the light in the window, the tattoo peeking out from beneath a strap, the reds against other reds. These ladies definitely aren't wallflowers in the normal sense.


  6. Most excellent! Caught my eye right away in the little square provided by Blogger in my follower reader. You could become famous doing these.......

  7. Thanks, everyone!
    I had a show at my real "Studio Lolo" a couple of years ago in California. It was all illustrations,something those 'serious artists' back there frown upon. The show was a huge hit which gave me the confidence to keep on keepin' on! I also sold three of these four ladies ;)
    Yes, Baino and everyone, please stop by my blog anytime. I love visitors!

  8. I'm completely in love with these lovely ladies! You've captured so much emotion and movement in your paintings. I second could become famous doing these.

    Truly awesome...thank you!

  9. when you become famous, will you still laugh like crazy with me?


  10. I love the tattooed lady-I have a small tat in the same spot and Garfield would sometimes peek over the top of my shirt in the middle of meetings. It was always good for a laugh.

  11. of your work..smiles.