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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

(Updated) I Feel a Little Fiction Coming On...

A freeze is coming. I can tell. When my left knee is dialing the chemist's for prescription refill all on its own, it's time to break out the long underwear.

Not for me, of course. I have my own personal summer to keep me warm. For my partner, the one with three percent body fat. Eventually, I know she'll be tired of sleeping in hat and mittens.

A little hot tea, a little cuddle with the human furnace, and all is well again.

"Jennie? are you almost ready? We really should have left ten minutes ago. And it's your family after all..."

No answer, but I can hear the hangers sliding back and forth in the closet. Best not to interrupt, even though I know I'm the one who will get the over-the-spectacles glances from her father for making us late.

Outside the gray sky is low enough to touch. I hear a drip-drop-drip every few minutes as the last of this morning's rain finds its zig-zag way to the downspouts. Night rain is better. That sound is so soothing for falling asleep. Better than Ambien.

"Jennie! Any time soon?" I venture again.

Silence for a moment, I know she is rolling her eyes at me, then, "You're not hel-ping..." she sing-songs, "and relax, we won't be late, I promise. Don't we always make it on time?"

She's right, of course, but I'm driving.


  1. oh the mystery! WHO is this narrator?

    you have to tell more, middle. but when?


  2. The sentence 'When my left knee is dialing the chemist's for prescription refill all on its own, it's time to break out the long underwear' made my roll over the floor from laughter. Is there a book coming? In that case I am all eyes :-)

  3. Why is it always the left knee? Mine too . .groaning despite the onslaught of spring! And my delightful furnace is of the canine kind but she keeps my feet warm!

  4. How intriguing! Loved your introductory paragraph...can't wait to hear the rest.

  5. Congratulations, you've been awarded the One Lovely Blog Award. Visit my latest post to pick up your award.

  6. Laughing Wolf, I believe that award was meant for you...

  7. Very, very good...I could hear those hangers slide back and forth and feel the narrator's anxiety. It is a man, right? And he is her husband? Lover? Friend?

    You'll have to, pretty please, write more. I can't stand the suspense!