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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Valentine Elf Class

I'm teaching this Valentine Elf (or just any house elf: ) on my ning...
Hope everyone is having a great beginning of 2010.


  1. copied and pasted the link. It's not working.

  2. O no... Can you google me...

  3. OK, Is it me or is that picture and the angle at which she's holding her heart a little, well, suggestive? Just where did she get that heart and does it move perchance?

  4. debra kay's comment: i am rolling on the floor, heeheehahaheeOMG!

    pattee, BEFORE debra kay took this to another place (ha ha) i am thinking this elf is so adorable i want him. i want to see how you do this! incredibly adorable and talented. heeheehee pattee i hope you don;t mind the giggles.... ♥

  5. This little elf went to Renee's mom ~ Her name is Effie and that's Renee's moms nickname ~ I'm feeling really sad about Renee and her mom right now... as her mom is dying. Renee has the elf and taking her up to her mom today I think...

    The only suggestion of that heart is love...