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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bird Verses - Poetry from 53A

Demure and
She sits in her nook
Ear turned to listen for
Rustle of insect wings
To complete her meal.

Bathed in moonlight
Luna's glow
Unveils her hidden space.
Evasive insects
Break away
In search of
Refuge from her
Darting eyes.

Inspiration for this simple pencil drawing came from Desert Colors


  1. This is simply lovely-the art and the words together!

  2. annie, wow. you drew this? what a lovely poem, unless you're an insect.


  3. Yes, all mine; thank you both. I hope to do more and more of this as I approach July 1st and then really throw myself into it after that. Desert Colors' photo just knocked my socks off and I had to recreate it and set it to words.

  4. Annie, well done! What can I say...the poem is really, really good. I love "Luna's glow
    Unveils her hidden space". I so envy people who can write poetry...thank you for sharing! And not to mention your art work! You caught the quizzical expression in the eyes of the bird.