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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Avatar And Our Renee

Renee, this is for you, in two parts.  First, you will have to go to my blog to read "Avatar".  Sometimes, you know a thing but don't know why you know it.   Something is so, so, familiar and yet elusive.  And then the words just flow, like they do when we all think of you.  Lolo said it first - "Renee is pure inspiration".  Kj latched onto it immediately.   And we all caught on quickly. 

So I want to say this to you because we all love you and you mean the world to us.  Here's why.

Renee, you can fly!
You are my Hero
You are the Pathfinder
You are Stardust

I see you.
We all see you.

xoxo right back at you


  1. i love renee plain and simple. she is a wonderful friend. and yes, she allows herself to be SEEN. how great that is.

    love to you, linda,

  2. After going to your blog and reading about Avatar my response is, Amen sister! Renee is all that and more ;)

  3. Indeed we do. Nice sentiment Linda.

  4. That was wonderful Linda~
    I also know that Renee is my angel on earth and ever after. I see her heat and believe she see's mine...
    I love you Renee~Pattee

  5. All this love flowing to beautiful Renee. I am sending my blessings and love along too.

  6. a lovely tribute, Linda! Blessings and love to you and always to Renee!