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Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Neighbor @ Caribbean Property # 70

~Fighting through the cyber-jungle to get to Blogland # 70 ~
Hello from Cynthia's humid Caribbean corner in the world.

Living in the tropics takes some adjustment! Those of us who grew up with the sharply changing seasons probably experience the greatest impact from the loss of dramatic weather change. (Where did Spring fever go? It used to give me so much energy.) When I first considered moving to Puerto Rico, I wondered how I would get anything done in such heat. It's so hot and humid most of the time, you just want to go to the beach or dash into an air conditioned mall.
Fourteen years ago, my family and I moved to this Latin flavored land, and started working, learning the language, and educating our children. What an uphill climb it has been! Now, it is an uphill drive as we moved from the beach side to the country. We live in the central mountains of Puerto Rico and much of the culture shock of this stressful climb has generally subsided. We still battle dense traffic jams in the morning and equally dense bureaucracy, but for the most part have come to accept the chaos of daily Caribbean life.
Our house is surrounded with multiple shades of green in all directions. Lately, we have had a foggy mist covering the steep mountains. That's me trying to capture the mist before going to work in the morning. It is difficult to reveal our view without some kind of technological skill, though I try, my skill with the phone camera is limited. (Where's the flash? No focus?) My husband took this shot of me. I'm caught in a concentrated attempt to attain a fantastic capture. :-)
Our house is often swelling with nature; the green climbs up over the fence and tries to pull it down!
My favorite tree is the Flamboyant. It's bright red summer presence always brings a smile to my face. Another favorite view, is found in the nearby city, Old San Juan. I love spending time looking at the old fort, El Moro. The old Spanish architecture instantly transports me to another time and another life.

Thank you, Blogland Lane community, for your warmth, creativity and ideas.

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I would certainly welcome your presence there.


  1. Welcome to Blogland Lane, Cynthia. Your life sounds fascinating...imagine seeing green in all areas surrounding your home! And the Flamboyant Tree is certainly well's absolutely stunning!

  2. Thanks, Marion. I will do my best to be a good neighbor! I see that you have a running story here- I'll have to catch up! Thanks for the welcome, vencino.

  3. What wonderful pictures!
    I'm so curious why you'd move to Puerto Rico???

  4. Welcome, and consider yourself added to the directory!

  5. hello cynthia! first of all, that picture of you is so adorable i'm inclined to bike over to # 70 right now, a basket of hot buttermilk biscuits in tow as a welcome to the neighborhood gift.

    you are going to find the most interesting neighors here, and it's obvious you will be one of them! i love how much you have shared about the mountains of puerto rico.

    stop in at # 9 anytime you'd like. my neighbors are a rowdy bunch which suits me totally fine. ♥ kj

  6. nice photos, I love all your photos but living in PR is nice for a while and to see in photos, lately the island is giving a lot of anxiety.

  7. A lovely introduction to an old (by cyber standards) friend. You like in a magical place. Blogland is a fun concept too.

  8. Pattee, hello there! We had been coming to PR for many years. My husband has family here, though he was born in NY. We decided to move so that our kids could learn about their cultural mix and learn Spanish. I didn't expect it to be for so long, but we like it here.

    Thanks for adding me, M.A.Woman!

    KJ, oh yum! I look forward to your neighborly visit and my hot buttermilk biscuits! What a treat! Bike on over!

    Miss D! What would PR be without you? (It gives us all a little bit of anxiety...but that's because we care too much. We have to learn to let go into the chaos :-))

    Hi Sarah! It's also fun to see you here. I hope
    you decide to take a number and move in.
    Stay warm in Maine.

  9. What an adventure your life has been! Welcome, neighbour.