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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Regarding Poetry

" Hanging at Cookies,
steam rising from fresh-poured tea
across the table from me.

Chanting, rapping and occasional clapping
manages to fill the void in the room

while strangers work up the courage
to say the words they've held in too long."

I'm SO not a poet but that was sure fun!
Picture Tom Waits voice as the narrator ;)


  1. Middle: the drawing is from a series I do called "Bag Ladies" because I create them on the back of a paper bag from the supermarket.
    This one was sold to a woman in Arizona because it looks just like her friend's daughter who passed away. She purchased it for her as a gift.

  2. Missed the event.
    If I let my real feelings out,
    the world would EXPLODE
    with my madness.