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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Getting the emails ready for artbox exchange

Lo and KJ-are you in or out?  It's ok either way-in fact, anyone else who says ok, I wanna play-can still get in.

It's fun fun fun!


  1. aw, deb, i can't. i am finishing up a week's vacation that went so fast (all good) that my desk is still not clean, no skype yet, no pogo instructions, not even a page written. but i baked, i connected, i hugged, i ate, i laughed.

    so i can't do the art box this time around but of course i will love to see who does what.

  2. hey, I was sure I answered you a while back.

    I need to pass on this round. I have the abc atc thing starting again next week and I'm still doing the soul sister journals. It's too much!

    I need a slower pace for a while ;)


  3. Darn!
    I hate to pass, but have to. I will be in my motorhome for a while and no idea where...which is the whole point!
    Count me in for the next one!

  4. Skype is on my todo list too.

    I will get out the addresses today when I get back from my frozen agility class.....brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 29 degrees and the sun is going down......waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

  5. Hi Debra Kay, I can't remember if I'm in or out!!!!! Did I email you?