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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cookie's Sunday Night Poetry Slam

No Poetry Slam
Reports to write, damn
But when I'm done
I'll look in to have fun.
Debra Kay has been slamming
While I'm doing my damning
So see the comments before
The slam is a bore.
Oh by the way Happy Year
I hope it brings cheer
I hope you get clear
And music you hear.
I hope you decide
To take a fast ride
Follow the tide
And be happy you tried.
The End.


  1. Ooh! kj said a bad word! I'm telling your mom!

  2. Yo Kaje~ I dint know yous could wrap,
    I'm a sap, thas all I'm sayin', enuff 'bout dat!


  3. middle, since when is fast ride a bad word?

    lolo, yo lo! i wish i could wrap my feet tippy tap, i'm just glad that you're sayin; now pick up a crayon (oh jeez....)

  4. I meant 'rap' not 'wrap!'


    Pick up a crayon!!! Hilarious!!!