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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blogland Lane Author Success

Latest News on my publisher's website -

Posted at 9:00AM Wednesday 6th January 2010
Cut Short into second reprint in just 6 months
Runaway success for first-time No Exit novelist Leigh Russell, reflected in the fact that her book, Cut Short, has needed to be reprinted twice in just six months. Leigh's follow-up novel, Road Closed, is due in the shops in June this year.

Thank you to everyone on Blogland Lane who bought a copy of Cut Short and helped with this success. I value your support. Cut Short will be available on again very soon. A reprint is in hand as I write this. still have some copies, and the book is available in bookshops throughout the UK.


  1. Leigh,
    I can't imagine how wonderful this must feel. I'm sure it's more than a dream come true. Congradulations again and good luck on the next installment.