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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Poetry Slam at Cookie's Creative Cafe & Coffee House

There's going to be a Poetry Slam at Cookie's Cafe.

Anyone who wants can step up to the mike and read her/his poetry.

Doesn't have to rhyme.

Doesn't have to make sense.

Doesn't need anything but a willingness to share

& a voice of your own.

Please consider yourself invited to participate starting this weekend.

Cookie's will be giving out free pieces of chocolate cake, truffles,
and unlimited wine, coffee and tea.

Even if you just write two lines,

or four.

or eight.

Come write

& read

among friends


  1. hey! where is everybody?


  2. ((cue the beat box music...bummp bump bump baddda bump bump bump))

    I'm here
    It's clear
    Aint no where but ((wocka wocka wocka) yep here.

    Where are you
    Yes you
    Where are you dear? ((wocka wocka wocka wocka) I'm here!

  3. ((cue the bongos-costume change to beatnic garb))
    (bongooooooooooooooo snap snap snap)

    The Moon is looking in my window.......
    The Moon is standing on a ledge.............
    Looking in my window.........
    He'd like to be in my bed.

    (this would make more sense for people who know I have a dog named Moon....LOL)

  4. ((((cue more bongos))))

    La Luna sleeps on the table.......
    She curls into a silvery ball.......
    La Luna slumbers in the warmth-----
    Waiting for the spring.


    (I also have a cat named Luna)

  5. Heh! I've tried all weekend to write something resembling poetry. All I get is jabberwocky. And a brain that shuts up tight. Sorry, kj, I tried and got nowhere.

  6. But do I still get a piece of chocolate cake and truffles and tea? Just for me?


  7. I have no poetry of my own, because I have absolutely no poetry cells in my whole body, but I will listen very attentively to what all my neighbors have produced and chew in the meantime a lot of chocolate cake :-)

    Btw: the amount of snow is enormous here. Help!!!

  8. Coffee cup steams
    Kitten purrs
    Sunday morning coffee
    Lasts until well past noon.

  9. I have posted and posted
    In restitution
    For the party I hosted
    (but forgot to attend)

  10. Now I do want to work on something a bit more serious. I wrote this a long time ago as a blurb for a signature line or something

    "I never thought the person I would follow blindly and bravely would turn out to be-me."

  11. Debra, I love your statement. As a matter of fact, I've typed it out and stuck it on my computer as a reminder to myself. Doesn't the line just fill you with astonishment and real courage!!!!!

    Thank you!