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Monday, November 23, 2009

Art Box Exchange

Remember (it's on the side bar too) December 5th I'll create a post to post up our creations from the Art Box Exchange.  I can't wait to see what you all did with your stash items.  My head is spinning with ideas and dreams-and that's in a good way.


  1. I'm looking forward to it as well, Debra. I wish I could have joined in, but the mail is atrociously slow up here. I would not have had my package in time. I'm so sorry it was not to be this time.

  2. Me too and wish I'd had the time to participate - if you do this another time I will! I'm emailing you regarding the auction!

  3. i have no idea what i will do. but i will try to do something. and since trying counts on blogland lane, i won't be afraid to share this one time... :)


  4. What artbox where...OMG...I have been so MIA ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Help...

  5. sonia and pattee, debra kay put up a challenge about a month ago. anyone who wanted to participate got a name to send art scraps and whatever's to someone else to then make some art collage. i wish you guys were doing it too. i didn't know i would have to be artsy creative but i'll just do my best. i know i'm among friends here...

    love you both,

  6. I intend to do it again. Because we have so many people world wide, I am going to move the dates further out to allow for snail mail and just life in general. I apologize, I am not used to such a worldly group-so it's been a learning experience for me too.

    My vision is this has very little to do with talent or ego, and more about transforming something that someone else you know saw as useful but never got around to doing anything with. Most artsy folk I know have endless stashes of just such things.

    And the variations on this basic theme-get a box of stuff make my head spin. We could do themes-nature, cartoons. We could ask that the piece include words of some sort, or NOT include words. A tougher one might be 3-D. I'm cool with flat stuff, 3-D stuff sends my mind a-reeling.

    I've been playing What would X (the person who sent me the box) do? What will I do? for a good while now. My stuff is still in the box, but I take it out and imagine, trying to get just the right notion. I'll probably implement this weekend, after the festivities die down, but I've had hours of fun already playing with it in my mind.

  7. Pattee-you weren't in this time but I hope you are next time, and please come to our Art Showing On December 5. There will also be food and drink.

    I'm using the tower room in the old mansion at 13 for a gallery, but you are all free to wander around the grounds and go play with the horses, etc. Of course, all your animals are invited as well.

  8. I have such a wealth of goodies that I received, I'm not sure where to begin! But, I will think of something and try not to get egg on my face. Maybe a little eggnog with some Jack Daniels would improve my creativity......