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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My last post was rather sad so I thought I'd be more cheerful today and share some exciting news with you - sales of CUT SHORT have gone intergalactic! If you don't believe me, here's the photographic proof:

A dalek buying Cut Short from Leigh Russell and paying cash!
And here comes a jedi. He also bought Cut Short . . .

Spiderman wanted to buy a copy of Cut Short but he doesn't have any pockets so he didn't have any money to pay for it . . . Same problem with the stormtroopers . . .

but the pirate had plenty of loot . . .


  1. Congratulations, Leigh! It sounds as if your book is really taking off!

  2. If the force in with you, you can't lose! Cute snaps. Finally have time to sit and read at night. Geraldine thinks Heather is on to something.......

    Just love the book. Snappy prose and real readability. I am definitely hooked. You will probably keep me up nights now!

  3. Hi Marion - it's just a bit of fun, but I can't tell you how exciting it was. I'm of a generation who grew up terrified by daleks, and now I've sold a book to one! It was surreal.

  4. Thank you, Linda! I hope you enjoy the rest of Cut Short. Let me know what you think.