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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exciting News

I'm very excited to see CUT SHORT reviewed on the US Publishers Weekly BEST BOOKS OF 2009 list, the only title to be starred in the Mass Market category. You can read the review here


  1. Wow, Leigh, they say it is "tense and compelling"! How exciting for you! Your book's moving along...

  2. It is very exciting. I didn't even know they had heard of Cut Short. My publisher's PR guy just emailed me to tell me there was a great review of Cut Short on the Publishers Weekly site. That was the first I knew of it.

  3. Congradulations, Leigh!
    That is such good news, and what a nice affirmation of your writing skills. The review was really, really positive. I'm sure that was such a good feeling.

    You posted a while ago about saving bookstores and I just saw a long piece about the electronic readers; three big ones are Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sony. I have to admit, I have one and love it. But I also LOVE bookstores and spend lots of time there. I'm just wondering what your take is on the reader's impact, as book sales for the readers are $10 and less for each item. The hardback market will take a huge hit and it seems the bookstores can't help but compete to stay in the game. What is your opinion?

  4. I think it's a shame if people download books instead of visiting libraries and bookstores where they have contact with other people, as well as with real books. So much of our lives is spent looking at screens, instead of at each other. Our communication is fast and remote.
    Bookstores can't compete in this new world. Their profits have been slashed by online suppliers, supermarkets and the 3for2 etc offers. Today Borders UK went under. By the end of the year it won't exist. I hope the other UK bookshop chain doesn't go the same way, but am not hopeful. This is our new world - online and virtual. As an author, I am concerned about it. As a human being, I am feeling very uneasy about the future.

  5. Leigh,

    I'm sorry about Borders, UK. I'm afraid that chain bookstores are holding on for dear life too. We have a wonderful small bookstore in Phoenix ( that has an online presence, is on both Facebook and My Space, has a calendar of events and is trying by any means available to stay in business. This is a neighborhood store. Its an uphill battle.

    Barnes and Noble offers a huge inventory, coffee, music and a mall access and is not busy at all. Amazon is cheap, easy and has no stores to maintain. Its a real battle, isn't it? Yet, I love the feel of a real book, as well as the reader convenience for travel.

    It seems some combination of the book and the electronics is going to be part of our lives.
    My uneasiness comes from people not reading newspapers, getting their info from conglomerates and allowing those voices to form their opinions.

    Wow, we really got going here. Anyone else want to jump in?

  6. EVERYONE! If you have not read Cut Short yet, you MUST. Leigh has written a fabulous first. Once you read it, you are going to want more. Her herione is definitely deserving of a series and I want to know what happens with her and her gentleman friend too. LOL

    Five Stars on Good Reads.

  7. Leigh, congratulations! How great this is!

    I can't imagine life without bookstores. I do order online too
    but I love the feel of browsing. Myself, my efforts go with small independent bookstores.....


  8. Whow, that is good news! Congratulations, Leigh. Is your book going to be translated in other languages e.g. Dutch?

  9. Hi Linda - it's certainly a battle, but this is one battle that's worth fighting. Sadly, I don't think the bookshop will survive. All the small, dedicated stores will be swallowed up by supermarkets in time. In the meantime, I'm campaigning to the bitter end. BUY A BOOK IN A REAL BOOKSHOP TODAY! and maybe meet an author. If you're in my neighbourhood, the chances are you'll see me there chatting to customers. You don't meet real authors online... except on Blogland Lane of course!

  10. Annie - that's a BIG thank you... I tried to put some flowers here but can't upload images on comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed Cut Short. Have you seen the starred review on Publishers Weekly? and the new review on Eurocrime? I'm so excited!

  11. kj - you're so right. We should support independent bookshops. Unfortunately they tend to be too small to host signings, but I do go and give talks to book groups whenever I can and have met some really lovely people in independent bookshops.

  12. Wieneke - I don't know if Cut Short will be translated into any other languages. I hope so! In the meantime, it seems that daleks can read English. That's a relief!