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Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - UPDATE—Fire guts Ladner Village businesses - UPDATE—Fire guts Ladner Village

Early Sunday morning, my sleepy little village was rudely awakened by fire engines screaming down the main drag towards the small core of businesses. The fire gutted two places, Mario's Bistro, Heritage Home Furniture, and the Dragonfly Gallery. I frequent all of these stores, especially the furniture one - it's where we recently bought our new dining room furniture and where I had my family room furniture made.

Firemen swarmed the area, sQUirting their hoses to contain the blaze. And when I drove by on Monday, firemen and insurance and restoration people were still there. Apparently, the fire isn't suspicious, but it certainly took its toll.


  1. leslie, i am very sorry for your loss. i've seen two huge fires and they are so fierce that they are kind of awe-inspiring in a scary giant kind of way.

  2. Leslie, I'm so sorry! I've been to Ladner Village and remember those stores. Fires are frightening...we had a fire on my street recently and there was a real feeling of loss.

  3. Oh Leslie, what a terrible thing fire is. I am very sorry for you and your village.